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    Health Informatics Tools to Improve Utilization of Laboratory Tests  Aziz, Hassan; Alshekhabobak, Hafsa2017Oxford University PressArticle
    Health Outcomes from Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella Infections in High-Income Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis  Parisi, A.; Parisi, Andrea; Crump, John A.; Glass, Kathryn; Howden, Benjamin P.; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Vilkins, Samantha; Gray, Darren J.; Kirk, Martyn D.2018Mary Ann LiebertArticle
    Health priorities of the Nepal Government: where are the essential medicines?  Bhuvan, K.C.; Poudel, Arjun; Mohamed Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham B.2012Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
    Health-related quality of life as a predictor of tuberculosis treatment outcomes in Iraq  Dujaili, Juman Abdulelah; Sulaiman, Syed Azhar Syed; Hassali, Mohamed Azmi; Awaisu, Ahmed; Blebil, Ali Qais; Bredle, Jason M.2015Elsevier, LtdArticle
    Healthcare and Education in Qatar  Aziz, Hassan A.2015The American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)Article
    Heart Function and Hemodynamics Analysis for Zebrafish Embryos  Yalcin, Huseyin C.; Amindari, Armin; Butcher, Jonathan T.; Althani, Asma; Yacoub, Magdi2017WileyArticle
    Heat Absorbers based on Recycled Polyethylene and Paraffin Wax for Energy Storage  Abdelrazeq, Haneen2016Master Thesis
    Heat Budget of the Southeastern Part of the Arabian Gulf
    Alternative Title: تقدير التدفق الحراري في الجزء الجنوبي الشرقي من الخليج العربي
    Sultan, S. A. R. [سلطان]; Elghribi, N. M.2001Qatar UniversityArticle
    Heat Storage In The Eastern Mediterranean
    Alternative Title: المخزون الحراري في شرق البحر المتوسط
    Maiyza, Ibrahim A. [ابراهيم امين أحمد معيزة]1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Heavy Metals Concentration Levels in some Fish Species in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden-Yemen
    Alternative Title: دراسات دقيقة لتحديد تراكيز العناصر الثقيلة في بعض أنواع أسماك منطقة البحر الأحمر اليمني و خليج عدن
    Al Shwafi, Nabil A. A. [نبيل عبده احمد الشوافي]2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Heavy metals concentrations in Otolithes ruber and Pampus argenteus location from the Gulf  Mortezawi, Mohamed Seddiq1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    Heavy minerals and provenance of the paleozoic suffi formation, Western desert, iraq.
    Alternative Title: المعادن الثقيله ومصدرها في وحدة صوفي - الباليوزوى الصحراء الغربية - العراق
    Al Juboury, Ali I. [علي الجبوري]; Hassan, Zeki M.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Heighting Accuracy Of Spot Imagery  Diefallah, M. A. M.1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    Helium separation through polymeric membranes: selectivity targets  Scholes, Colin A.; Ghosh, Ujjal2016ElsevierArticle
    Helminth infections among long-term residents and settled immigrants in Qatar in the decade from 2005 to 2014: temporal trends and varying prevalence among subjects from different regional origins  Abu-Madi, Marawan A.; Behnke, Jerzy M.; Boughattas, Sonia; Al-Thani, Asma; Doiphode, Sanjay H.; Deshmukh, Anand2016BioMed CentralArticle
    Helminth parasite larvae collected from Arabian Gulf fish II. first record of some trybanorhynch cestode from economically important fish  Kardousha, Mahmoud M.1999Arab Bureau of Education for the Gulf StatesArticle
    Helminth parasite larvae collected from Arabian Gulf fish III. first report on genus Dasyrhynchs Pintner 1928 (Cestoda: Trypanorhyncha) with a key depending on morphology of plerocercoid larva  Kardousha, Mahmoud2003Universita Di Messina, Istituto Di Parassitologia MedicaArticle
    Helminth parasite larvae collected from Arabian Gulf Fish. 4. description of 4 larvae including two metacercarae, one didymozoid and one acanthocephalan from Emirati coasts  Kardousha, Mahmoud Mahmoud2005Arabian Gulf UniversityArticle
    Helminth parasites of fishes from the arabian gulf 1. Preliminary general survey of fishes mainly from qatari waters
    Alternative Title: الديدان الطفيلية في أسماك الخليج العربي (1) تقصي أولى عام للأسماك من المياه القطرية
    Saoud, Mohamed Fathy A. [محمد فتحي عبد الفتاح سعود]; Al Kawari, K. S. R.; Ramadan, M. M.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    Helminth parasites of fishes from the arabian gulf 2 . the digenetic trematode genera Hamacreadium linton, 1910 and cainocreadium Nicoll, 1909
    Alternative Title: الديدان الطفيلية في أسماك الخليج العربي (2) ديدان التريماتودا من جنسي هاماكريديم لينتون 1910 وكينوكريديم نيكول 1909
    Saoud, Mohamed Fathy A. [محمد فتحي عبد الفتاح سعود]; Ramadan, M. M.; Al Kawari, K. S. R.1986Qatar UniversityArticle