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    Population Reference Values for Serum Methylmalonic Acid Concentrations and Its Relationship with Age, Sex, Race-Ethnicity, Supplement Use, Kidney Function and Serum Vitamin B12 in the Post-Folic Acid Fortification Period.  Ganji, Vijay; Kafai, Mohammad2018MDPIArticle
    Population Structure And Growth Curve Of Acanthopleura Gemmata (Mollusca: Polyplacophora) In The Northwestern Red Sea
    Alternative Title: التركيب العمري ومنحنى النمو لجامعة الحمك أ كانثو بلورا جيماتا (الرخويات : عديدات الدروع ) في الجزء الشمالي الغربي للبحر الاحمر
    El Soliman, F. [فتحي السيد سليمان محفوظ]; Habib, T.; Almaraghy, A.; Hussein, M. A.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Poreless Separator and Electrolyte Additive for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries with High Areal Energy Densities  Kim, Joo-Seong; Yoo, Dong-Joo; Min, Jaeyun; Shakoor, Rana A.; Kahraman, Ramazan; Choi, Jang Wook2015WILEY-VCH VerlagArticle
    Portable Automated Oxygen Administration System for hypoxaemic patients  Alzoubi, Khawla; Alguraan, Ziyad; Ramahi, Omar M.2016SpringerOpenArticle
    A Portrait of Low-Income Migrants in Contemporary Qatar  GARDNER, ANDREW; GARDNER, ANDREW; PESSOA, SILVIA; DIOP, ABDOULAYE; AL-GHANIM, KALTHAM; LE TRUNG, KIEN; HARKNESS, LAURA2013Taylor & Francis (Routledge)Article
    A Portrait of Low-Income Migrants in Contemporary Qatar  Gardner, Andrew; Pessoa, Silvia; Diop, Abdoulaye; Al-Ghanim, Kaltham; Trung, Kien Le; Harkness, Laura2013Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Positron annihilation study on polyaniline nanocomposite used for Pb(II) ion removal  Al-Thani, N.J.; Bhadra, J.; Abdulmalik, D.; Al-Qaradawi, I.; Alashraf, A.; Madi, N.K.2016Taylor & FrancisArticle
    The Possible Effects of Some Mineral Nutrients and Industrial Chemical Effuents on Wild Plants in Central Sudan
    Alternative Title: الآثار المحتملة لبعض عوامل التغذية المعنية ومخلفات الصناعة الكيميائية على النباتات البرية بوسط السودان
    Hayati, Attayeb A.; Abd-Elrhman, Fatima M.2006Qatar UniversityArticle
    Possible evidence for the existence of a hairy layer at the surface of polymer latex particles  Said, Ziad F. M.1998John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Article
    Possible Ionic Effects of NaCl on Two Mexican Wheat Cultivars
    Alternative Title: التأثيرات الأيونية المحتملة لكلوريد الصوديوم على صنفين من القمح المكسيكي
    Yasseen, B.T. [بسام طه ياسين]2005Qatar UniversityArticle
    Post 2022 FIFA World Cup in the State Qatar: Urban Regeneration Strategies for Doha  ElGahani, Heba; Furlan, Raffaello2018Henry Stewart PublicationsArticle
    Post-WWII Italian Immigration to Australia: The Catholic Church as a Means of Social Integration and Italian Associations as a Way of Preserving Italian Culture  Furlan, Raffaello; Faggion, Laura2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Post-WWII Italian Migration from Veneto (Italy) to Australia and Transnational Houses in Queensland  Faggion, Laura; Furlan, Raffaello2016Scientific & Academic PublishingArticle
    Potato-Herb Synergies as Food Designs for Hyperglycemia and Hypertension Management  Saleem, Fahad; Eid, Ali Hussein; Shetty, Kalidas2011Wiley-BlackwellBook chapter
    Potential Novel Therapy Targets in Neuroendocrine Carcinomas of the Breast.  Vranic, Semir; Palazzo, Juan; Sanati, Souzan; Florento, Elena; Contreras, Elma; Xiu, Joanne; Swensen, Jeffrey; Gatalica, Zoran2018ElsevierArticle
    Potential Nutrigenomic Approaches to Reduce the High Incidence of Obesity in Qatar  Soldati, Laura; Tomei, S; Wang, E; Kerkadi, A; ElObeid, T; Amuna, P; Chouchane, L; Terranegra, A2016OMICS InternationalArticle
    The potential of papain and alcalase enzymes and process optimizations to reduce allergenic gliadins in wheat flour  Li, Ying; Yu, Jianmei; Goktepe, Ipek; Ahmedna, Mohamed2016Elsevier Ltd.Article
    Potential of Photorhabdus temperata K122 bioinsecticide in protecting wheat flour against Ephestia kuehniella  Jallouli, Wafa; Abdelkefi-Mesrati, Lobna; Tounsi, Slim; Jaoua, Samir; Zouari, Nabil2013Elsevier Ltd.Article
    Potential of Stem Cell-Based Therapy for Ischemic Stroke.  Marei, Hany E; Hasan, A; Rizzi, R; Althani, A; Afifi, N; Cenciarelli, C; Caceci, Thomas; Shuaib, Ashfaq2018Frontiers MediaArticle