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    KCLP: A k-Means Cluster-Based Location Privacy Protection Scheme in WSNs for IoT  HanG.; WangH.; GuizaniM.; ChanS.; ZhangW.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
    KERTAS: dataset for automatic dating of ancient Arabic manuscripts  AdamK.; BaigA.; Al-MaadeedS.; BouridaneA.; El-MenshawyS.2018Springer VerlagArticle
    Key Lessons Learnt from Stakeholder Management in Design and Build Projects in Qatar  Meyer, Larno; Kara, Ali2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    Key stakeholders' views on the potential implementation of pharmacist prescribing: A qualitative investigation.  Jebara, Tesnime; Cunningham, Scott; MacLure, Katie; Pallivalapila, Abdulrouf; Awaisu, Ahmed; ... more authors 2019ElsevierArticle
    The keyword method: a powerful memory aid to vocabulary learning in the EFL classroom (An experimental study)
    Alternative Title: طريقة الكلمة المفتاحية دعامة كبرى للذاكرة في تعلم مفردات اللغة الإنجليزية كلغة أجنبية (دراسة ميدانية)
    Abdel Majeed, Muawia M.; عبد المجيد, معاوية محمد2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Khashm Formation, A New Lithostratigraphic Unit Within The Cretaceous Wasia Group Of Arabia
    Alternative Title: متكون الخشم ، وحدة صخرية جديدة ضمن مجموعة الوسيع (العصر الطباشيري ) بالجزيرة العربية
    El Nakhal, Hamed A. [حامد احمد النخال]1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    Kidney-on-a-chip: untapped opportunities  Ashammakhi N.; Wesseling-Perry K.; Hasan A.; Elkhammas E.; Zhang Y.S.2018Elsevier B.V.Review
    Kinematically admissible folding mechanisms for the progressive collapse of foam filled conical frusta  Yang F.; Meguid S.A.; Hamouda A.M.S.2018Springer NetherlandsArticle
    Kinetic investigations into the synthesis of disulphides via tetrathiomolybdate as a sulphur-transfer reagent  Sidiq, N.; Bhat, M.A.; Khan, K.Z.; Khuroo, M.A.2014Kluwer Academic PublishersArticle
    Kinetic studies of POSS–DGEBA precursors derived from monoamine functional POSS using dynamic dielectric sensing and nuclear magnetic resonance  Sharma A.K.; Hassan M.K.; Tu J.; Mauritz K.A.; Wiggins J.S.2018John Wiley and Sons Inc.Article
    Kinetic, equilibrium and thermodynamic studies for adsorption of nickel ions onto husk of oryza sativa  Zafar S.; Khan M.I.; Khraisheh M.; Lashari M.H.; Shahida S.; ... more authors 2019Desalination PublicationsArticle
    Kinetics and mechanism of H2O2 decomposition by Cu(II)-, Co(II)-, and Fe(III)-Amine complexes on the surface of Silica-Alumina (25% Al2O3)  Salem, Mohamed A.; Salem, Ibrahim A.; Gemeay, Ali H.1994John Wiley & Sons, Inc.Article
    Kinetics and Mechanistic Studies of the Bromination of Some Substituted Tetralones, Part 1
    Alternative Title: دراسات ميكانيكية وحركية لمعدلات البروم في بعض المواد
    Dabbagh, Abdul Majeed M. [عبد المجيد الدباغ]; Ayoub, Mikdad T.2000Qatar UniversityArticle
    Kinetics of alkoxysilanes and organoalkoxysilanes polymerization: A review  Issa A.A.; Luyt A.S.2019MDPI AGArticle Review
    Kinetics of alkoxysilanes hydrolysis: An empirical approach  Issa A.A.; El-Azazy M.; Luyt A.S.2019Nature ResearchArticle
    Kinetics of CO 2 reaction with N-methyldiethanolamine and aminobutanol using stopped flow technique  Benamor A.; Mahmud N.; Nasser M.; Qiblawey H.2018Institute of Physics PublishingConference Paper
    Kinetics of reactive absorption of CO2 using aqueous blend of potassium carbonate, ethylaminoethanol, and N-methyl-2-Pyrollidone (APCEN solvent)  Bhosale R.R.; Kumar A.; AlMomani F.2018Taiwan Institute of Chemical EngineersArticle
    KinFit: A factual aerobic sport game with stimulation support  Karkar A.G.; AlMaadeed S.; Salem R.; AbdelHady M.; Abou-Aggour S.; ... more authors 2018Kassel University Press GmbHArticle
    Knockout mice: Is it just genetics? Effect of enriched housing on fibulin-4+/- mice  Cudilo, Elizabeth; Al Naemi, Hamda; Marmorstein, Lihua; Baldwin, Ann L.2007Public Library of ScienceArticle
    Knowledge and innovation in the Lebanese software industry  Ben Hassen T.2018Cogent OAArticle