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    Validation of an Arabic version of the Diabetes Treatment Satisfaction Questionnaire in Qatar  Wilbur, Kerry; Al Hammaq, Abdulla O.2016ElsevierArticle
    Validation of the 6-Month GRACE Score in Predicting 1-Year Mortality of Patients With Acute Coronary Syndrome Admitted to the Arabian Gulf Hospitals  Thalib, Lukman; Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; AlHabib, Khalid F.; Alfaleh, Hussam F.; AlShamiri, Mostafa Q.; Amin, Haitham; Al Suwaidi, Jassim; Sulaiman, Kadhim; Almahmeed, Wael; Alsheikh-Ali, Alawi A.; Al-Motarreb, Ahmed; Doi, Suhail A.R.2016SAGE PublicationsArticle
    Validation of the General Self-Efficacy Scale among Qatari young women  Abdul Rahim, HF; Crandall, A; Yount, K.M.2015World Health OrganizationArticle
    Validity and reliability of the Arabic version of Activities of Daily Living (ADL)  Nasser, R.; Doumit, J.2009Nasser and DoumitArticle
    Variability Of Wind System And Its Expected Effects On Oil Slick Movement In The Arabian Gulf  El Gindy, A.A.H.; Sabra, A.F.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Variation Of The Electrical Properties Of Manganese Thin Films With Deposition Conditions  Al Houty, L [لطيفة ابراهبم الحوطي]1989Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vegetation Changes in the Long Abandoned Farms in Qatar  Ahmed, Abdulla Ahmed1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vegetation composition of a maritime salt marsh in Qatar in relation to edaphic features  Abdel-Razik, M.S.; Ismail, A. M. A.1990Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
    The vegetation of the state of Qatar as related to landform and soil.  Babiker, A. A.1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Ventifacts distribution in Qatar  Babikir, A. A. A.; Jackson, C. C. E.1985John Wiley & Sons, LtdArticle
    Verifying cloud service-level agreement by a third-party auditor  Zhang, H.; Ye, L.; Shi, J.; Du, X.; Guizani, M.2014John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Article
    Vertical Distribution And Inter-Relations Of Oxygen And Nutrients In The Arabian Gulf And The Gulf Of Oman In Summer  El Samra, M. I. [محمد ابراهيم السمرة]; El Gindy, A. A. H.1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Vibrational Analysis Of TaBr5  Nour, E. M. [المتولي السيد نور]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Views of the Gulf Cooperation Council among Qatari and Other Gulf Nationals  Gengler, Justin; Tessler, Mark2016The Social and Economic Survey Research Institute, Qatar UniversityReport
    Violence against women in Qatari Society  Al-Ghanim, Kaltham Ali2009Duke University PressArticle
    Viscoelastic and photo-actuation studies of composites based on polystyrene-grafted carbon nanotubes and styrene-b-isoprene-b-styrene block copolymer  Ilciova, Marketa; Mrlik, Miroslav; Sedlacek, Tomas; Chorvat, Dusan; Krupa, Igor; Slouf, Miroslav; Koynov, Kaloian; Mosnacek, Jaroslav2014Elsevier Ltd.Article
    Viscosity and density of ternary solution of calcium chloride + sodium chloride + water from T = (293.15 to 323.15) K  Qiblawey, Hazim; Arshad, Mohammad; Easa, Ahmed; Atilhan, Mert2014American Chemical SocietyArticle
    Viscosity Of Hydrocarbon Liquids Saturated With Gas  Al Harbi, Dulaihan K.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    Viscous Behavior of Dilute CMC Salt Solution Before and After Photodegradation  El Ashhab, F. [فتحي الأشهب]; Sheha, L. [ٍالبني عبد العزيز شيحا]; Sheltami, R. M. [رشا محمد الشلطامي]; Feituri, Z. M. [زكريا الفيتوري]2006Qatar UniversityArticle