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    A Goal Programming Model for Capital Rationing with a Linear Cash Fluctuations Measure  Elnidani, M. Asaad1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    Gold-containing compound BDG-I inhibits the growth of A549 lung cancer cells through the deregulation of miRNA expression  Alhoshani A.; Alrashdi A.; Alhosaini K.; Alanazi F.E.; Alajez N.M.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Gonadal Development Of Lead Intoxicated Rat Embryos
    Alternative Title: نمو المناسل في أجنة الفئران المعالجة بنترات الرصاص
    El Shabaka, H. A. [حمزة احمد الشبكة]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
    Goodly friar. Caitiff wretch and doctor of physic: images of the practitioner in three plays by William Shakespeare  Crawford, Vivienne1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Governance, product market competition and agency costs: Evidence from the UAE  Hassan M.K.2018Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Conference Paper
    Graduates employability skills: A review of literature against market demand  Osmani M.; Weerakkody V.; Hindi N.; Eldabi T.2019Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
    Grain refining and improving mechanical properties of a warm rolled AZ31 alloy plate  Zhang, Hua; Jin, Wei; Fan, Jianfeng; Cheng, Weili; Jorgen Roven, Hans; ... more authors 2014Elsevier B.V.Article
    Graphene a promising electrode material for supercapacitors?  Lemine A.S.; Zagho M.M.; Altahtamouni T.M.; Bensalah N.2018John Wiley and Sons LtdArticle Review
    Graphene as a signal amplifier for preparation of ultrasensitive electrochemical biosensors  Filip, Jaroslav; Kasák, Peter; Tkac, Jan2015Springer-VerlagArticle
    Graphene oxide as antimicrobial against two gram-positive and two gram-negative bacteria in addition to one fungus  Al-Thani, Roda F.; Patan, N.K.; Al-Maadeed, M.A.2014Science PublicationsArticle
    Graphene Oxide Loaded Hydrogel for Enhanced Wound Healing in Diabetic Patients  Ur Rehman S.R.; Augustine R.; Zahid A.A.; Ahmed R.; Hasan A.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Graphene-based nanopore approaches for DNA sequencing: A literature review  Wasfi A.; Awwad F.; Ayesh A.I.2018Elsevier LtdReview Article
    Graphene-filled PDMS Composite for Tactile Sensing of Surgical Graspers  Cabibihan, John-John; Sadasivuni, Kishor Kumar; Tahir, Anas; Waseem, Sadiya; Navkar, Nikhil; ... more authors 2019IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
    Grass Establishment, Weed Populations and Soil Microbial Succession in Turf Grass System as Influenced by Produced Water Irrigation  Shaikh, Sameera Shanawaz2017Master Thesis
    Gravitational Instability of a Radiating Gas Cloud with Variable streams
    Alternative Title: استقرار انسياب سحابة غازية مشعة حرارياً ذات جاذبية ذاتية
    Radwan, Ahmed E. [احمد العزب رضوان]2001Qatar UniversityArticle
    Gravitohydrodynamic Instability Of A Streaming Fluid Cylinder
    Alternative Title: استقرار الإتزان الهيدروديناميكي لمائع أسطواني ذا جاذبية ذاتية
    Radwan, Ahmed E. [احمد العزب رضوان]1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Gravity investigation for detecting The subsurface basement topography Of the western part of behera Governorate, North Egypt
    Alternative Title: ملاحظات تثاقلية لتحديد طبوغرافية صخور القاعدة للجزء الغربي من محافظة البحيرة - شمال مصر .
    Abou Shagar, S.; Mohammadin, M.; أبو شجر, السيدة; محمدون, محمود إسماعيل1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    Greater effects of high- compared with moderate-intensity interval training on cardio-metabolic variables, blood leptin concentration and ratings of perceived exertion in obese adolescent females  Racil, G.; Coquart, J.B.; Elmontassar, W.; Haddad, M.; Goebel, R.; ... more authors 2016Institute of Sport National ResearchArticle
    Green formulation and chemical characterization of Lens culinaris seed aqueous extract conjugated gold nanoparticles for the treatment of acute myeloid leukemia in comparison to mitoxantrone in a leukemic mouse model  Ahmeda, A.; Ahmeda, Ahmad; Zangeneh, Mohammad Mahdi; Zangeneh, Akram2020WileyArticle