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    Knowledge and Perceptions of Pharmacy Students in Qatar on Anti-Doping in Sports and on Sports Pharmacy in Undergraduate Curricula  Awaisu, Ahmed; Mottram, David; Rahhal, Alaa; Alemrayat, Bayan; Ahmed, Afif; ... more authors 2015American Association of Colleges of PharmacyArticle
    Knowledge Management Concepts as viewed by executive managers in Jordan  Ahmed, Marwa2006Qatar UniversityArticle
    Knowledge of MERS-Corona Virus among Female Students at Qatar University.  Al-Muhafda, Zahra; Qaher, Maryam; Faisal, Eman; Abushahla, Heba; Kurdi, Rana; ... more authors 2016Hamad bin Khalifa University Press (HBKU Press)Conference Proceedings
    Knowledge sharing in higher education institutions: a systematic review  Al-Kurdi O.; El-Haddadeh R.; Eldabi T.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article Review
    Knowledge Transfer for Face Verification Using Heterogeneous Generalized Operational Perceptrons  Tran D.T.; Kiranyaz S.; Gabbouj M.; Iosifidis A.2019IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
    Krabbe Disease in the Arab World  Zayed, Hatem2015IOS PressArticle
    Krein's Method For Singular Mixed Problems
    Alternative Title: طريقة كرين في المساثل الشاذة المختلطة
    Abdou, M. A.; Ezzeldin, Naglaa Y.; عبده, محمد; عز الدين, نجلاء1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Krein's method for solving the integral equation of the first kind With logarithmic kernel
    Alternative Title: طريقة كربن لحل معادلة تكاملية من النوع الأول ذات نواه لوغاريتمية
    Abdou, M. A.; El Rahman, R. O. Abd; عبده, محمد عبد الله احمد; عبد الرحمن, ر. و.1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Kuwait Islamists: From Institutionalized to Informal Opposition  Zaccara, Luciano2019ministry of research, science and technologyArticle
    Kuwait’s Islamist Proto-parties and the Arab Uprisings: Between Opposition, Pragmatism and the Pursuit of Cross-Ideological Cooperation  Zaccara, Luciano; Freer, Courtney; Kraetzschmar, Hendrik2018edinburgh university pressBook chapter
    Kynurenine 3-Monooxygenase gene associated with Nicotine initiation and addiction: Analysis of novel regulatory features at 5' and 3'-Regions  Aziz, H.; Aziz, Hassan A.; Abdel-Salam, Abdel Salam G.; Al-Obaide, Mohammed A.I.; Alobydi, Hytham W.; ... more authors 2018Frontiers Media S.A.Article
    L'OTAN et le Maghreb
    Alternative Title: NATO and the Maghreb
    Saidy, Brahim2014L'HarmattanBook
    L-L and L-2L Multilevel boost converter topologies with voltage multiplier with L-L and L-2L converter of XY familiy  Bhaskar M.S.; Sanjeevikumar P.; Blaabjerg F.; Holm-Nielsen J.B.; Ionel D.M.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    L-L Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicular Power Train Applications: Hardware Implementation of Primary Member of X-Y Converter Family  Bhaskar M.S.; Padmanaban S.; Iqbal A.; Meraj M.; Howeldar A.; ... more authors 2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    La República Islámica de Irán en perspectiva  Zaccara, Luciano2019Fundación DialnetArticle
    LA3: A scalable link-and locality-aware linear algebra-based graph analytics system  Ahmad Y.; Khattab O.; Malik A.; Musleh A.; Hammoud M.; ... more authors 2018Association for Computing MachineryConference Paper
    Labor Camp Surveys in GCC Countries: Group Quarter Subsampling  Le K.T.; Pancratz S.; Diop A.2019SAGE Publications Inc.Article
    Laboratory challenges in the diagnosis of hepatitis E virus.  Al-Sadeq, Duaa W; Majdalawieh, Amin F; Mesleh, Areej G; Abdalla, Omnya M; Nasrallah, Gheyath K2018Microbiology SocietyArticle Review
    Laboratory-Scale Tests on Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed Behaviour And Its Influence on Bed Thermal Properties  Abdel Monem, N.; Yakoub, Y.1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    Laleh Bakhtiar’s Eligibility To Be A Qur’an Translator And Her Methodology Of Translating It Into The English  Khan, Sheam2018Master Thesis