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    Reinforcement learning-based control of tumor growth under anti-angiogenic therapy.  Yazdjerdi, Parisa; Meskin, Nader; Al-Naemi, Mohammad; Al Moustafa, Ala-Eddin; Kovács, Levente2019ElsevierArticle
    Relating Representative Elementary Volume of Tortuosity to That of Porosity as Revealed from Computed Tomography Images  Azzam, Reem Jamil2019Master Thesis
    Relation between Quasi-normed Ideals of Entropy Numbers and of Approximation Numbers
    Alternative Title: العلاقة بين مثاليات مؤثرات اعداد الانتروبي والاعداد التقريبية
    El Shobaky, E. [انتصارات محمد حسن الشبكي]1981Qatar UniversityArticle
    The relation between spaces and cultural change: supermalls and cultural change in Qatari society  Al-Ghanim, Kaltham; Gardner, Andrew; El-Menshawy, Sherine2017University of the AegeanArticle
    Relation of Age to Survival in Patients with Obstructive Sleep Apnea who Develop an Acute Coronary Event (From The National Inpatient Sample)  Ashraf, Abugroun; Patel, Pragnesh; Natarajan, Sameera; Elawad, Ahmed; Gaznabi, Safwan; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
    The Relation of Earnings Quality to Accounting Conservatism  Hamdan, A.2012Qatar UniversityArticle
    Relations 2.0, Strategies of Friendship Management on Facebook in Tunisia  Amor, Bin Amor; Rabah, Saddek2019Media WatchArticle
    The Relationship between Al-Sahwa Social Movement and the Saudi Regime, an Apprisal  Hamad, Amina Rahma Hussien2017Thesis
    The relationship between attitudes and achievemet in SL ( a case study of students at the University of Qatar)  Al-Buainain, Haifa; Al-Emadi, Darwish1998Qatar UniversityArticle
    Relationship between Chauffeurs' Demographics, and Knowledge of Traffic Signs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia  Alhajyaseen W.; Ratrout N.; Muley D.2018Elsevier B.V.Conference Paper
    Relationship between fat distribution, iron status, and hepcidin in Qatari obese adults  Abdelhamid, kerkadi; Hiba A, Bawadi; Hafsa, Faqih; Omama, Abu Aker; Walaa, Mohamed; ... more authors 201921st World Obesity Conference (2018)Conference Paper
    The relationship between heavy metal concentration and soil mycoflora in the Gizan region, Saudi Arabia
    Alternative Title: تأثير المعادن الثقيلة على الفلورا الدقيقة في تربة منطقة جيزان - المملكة العربية السعودية
    Falih, A. M. [عبد الله مساعد خلف الفالح]1997Qatar UniversityArticle
    The Relationship Between Internal Auditing and External Audit Fees: Evidence from Kuwait  Al-Hajri, Meshari O.2017Qatar UniversityArticle
    Relationship between Inward Investment and Productivity in Oman  Mishrif, A.; Balushi, Y.A.2017OMICS InternationalArticle
    The Relationship Between Leptin and PCOS  Sharif, Elham; Faisal, Amal; Osman, Amal; Rizk, Nasser2014De GruyterConference Paper
    The relationship between lifestyle factors and obesity indices among adolescents in Qatar  Kerkadi, Abdelhamid; Sadig, Abdelmonem H.; Bawadi, Hiba; Al Thani, Al Anoud Mohammed; Al Chetachi, Walaa; ... more authors 2019MDPIArticle
    The Relationship Between Net Trade and Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Africa  Saka, Abdulrasaki2018Qatar UniversityArticle
    Relationship between perceived and observed student-centred learning environments in Qatari elementary mathematics and science classrooms  Knight, Stephanie L.; Parker, Dawn; Zimmerman, Whitney; Ikhlief, Atman2014Springer NetherlandsArticle
    Relationship between pharmaceutical pricing strategies with price, availability, and affordability of cardiovascular disease medicines: Surveys in Qatar and Lebanon  Abdel Rida N.; Mohamed Ibrahim M.I.; Babar Z.U.D.2019BioMed Central Ltd.Article
    Relationship between plasmid loss and gene expression in Bacillus thuringiensis  Driss, Fatma; Tounsi, Slim; Jaoua, Samir2011Springer-VerlagArticle