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    Towards Improving Kindergarten Teachers’ Practices Regarding the Integration of ICT into Early Years Settings  Ihmeideh F.; Al-Maadadi F.2018Springer SingaporeArticle
    Towards Integrated Socio-Cultural Space in “Fareej Old Al-Hitmi” Neighborhood in Doha  Nafi, Sara Ibrahim2017Master Thesis
    Towards Molecular Profiling in Multiple Myeloma: A Literature Review and Early Indications of Its Efficacy for Informing Treatment Strategies.  Willenbacher, Wolfgang; Seeber, Andreas; Steiner, Normann; Willenbacher, Ella; Gatalica, Zoran; ... more authors 2018MDPIArticle
    Towards NLP-based Semi-automatic Preparation of Content for Language Learning using LingoSnacks m-Learning Platform  Erradi, Abdelkarim; Hind, Almerekhi; Sajeda, Nahia2013Institute of information System and Research Center (IISRC)Article
    Towards novel Cry toxins with enhanced toxicity/broader: a new chimeric Cry4Ba / Cry1Ac toxin  Zghal, Raida Zribi; Elleuch, Jihen; Ali, Mamdouh Ben; Darriet, Frederic; Rebaï, Ahmed; ... more authors 2017Springer-VerlagArticle
    Towards Sustainable Food System in Qatar: Household Food Waste and Consumption Behavior  Elawad, Elmogiera; Agied, Mohamed; Althani, Mariam; Abusin, Sana2018Science and Education PublishingArticle
    Towards Sustainable Public Open Spaces for Promoting Human Comfort, Health and Well-Being: The Case of Oxygen Park in Doha, Qatar  Al-Fadala, Eman; Fadli, Fodil2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    Towards sustainable society: Design of food waste recycling machine  Bennbaia S.; Wazwaz A.; Abujarbou A.2018IEOM SocietyConference Paper
    Towards the design of smart video-surveillance system  Beghdadi A.; Asim M.; Almaadeed N.; Qureshi M.A.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Towards the higher solubility and thermal stability of poly(aniline-co-m-bromoaniline)  WawareU.S.; HamoudaA.M.S.; RashidM.; KasakP.2018Institute forIonicsArticle
    Towards understanding the mechanisms of actions of carcinoembryonic antigen-related cell adhesion molecule 6 in cancer progression  Rizeq, Balsam; Zakaria, Zain; Ouhtit, Allal2017Wiley Open AccessArticle Review
    Toxic Effect Of Lannate On Cellular Defence System In Erythrocyte Of Rat
    Alternative Title: التأثير السام للآنيت على وسائل الدفاع الخلوي في كرات الدم الحمراء في الجرذان
    Abd El Aziz , A. F.; Othman, A. I.; عبد العزيز, عبد العزيز فتوح; عثمان, عزه إسماعيل1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Toxic heavy metal (Pb and Cd) content in tobacco cigarette brands in Selangor state, Peninsular Malaysia  Janaydeh M.; Ismail A.; Zulkifli S.Z.; Omar H.2019Springer International PublishingArticle
    "Toxic pleasures”: A study of eating out behavior in Arab female university students and its associations with psychological distress and disordered eating  Al-Thani, Maryam A.; Khaled, Salma M.2018ElsevierArticle
    Toxicity evaluation of selected ionic liquid compounds on embryonic development of Zebrafish.  Younes, Nadin; Salem, Rola; Al-Asmakh, Maha; Altamash, Tausif; Pintus, Gianfranco; ... more authors 2018ElsevierArticle
    Toxicity of Cobalt and Nickel to Fusarium Solani Isolated From Saudi Arabian Soil
    Alternative Title: أثر عنصر الكوبالت والنيكل على نمو فطرة فيوزاريوم سولاني
    Hashem, Abdulwahab R. [عبد الوهاب رجب هاشم بن صادق]; Bahkali, Ali H.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    Toxin stability improvement and toxicity increase against dipteran and lepidopteran larvae of Bacillus thuringiensis crystal protein Cry2Aa  Elleuch, Jihen; Jaoua, Samir; Ginibre, Carole; Chandre, Fabrice; Tounsi, Slim; ... more authors 2016WileyArticle
    Toxoplasma infection and milk consumption: Meta-analysis of assumptions and evidences.  Boughattas, Sonia2017Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Trace element composition of size-fractionated suspended particulate matter samples from the Qatari Exclusive Economic Zone of the Arabian Gulf: the role of atmospheric dust  Yigiterhan, Oguz; Mohd Al-Ansari, Ebrahim; Nelson, Alex; Alaa Abdel-Moati, Mohamed; Turner, Jesse; ... more authors 2020Copernicus PublicationsArticle