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    Combined effects of oxygen, partial vacuum, temperature, humidity and gamma radiation on mating competitiveness of culex pipiens complex l. Males
    Alternative Title: التأثيرالمزدوج للأكسجين والتفريغ الجزئي والحرارة والرطوبة مع أشعة جاما على التنافس التسافدي لذكور الكيولكس ببينز
    Abdel Rahman, A. M.; Wakid, A. M.; Hafez, M.; Hafez, M. K.; عبد الرحمن, أمنية; واكد, عبد الفتاح مجاهد; حافظ, محمود; حافظ, مديحة كامل... more authors 1993Qatar UniversityArticle
    Combined effects of thymol, carvacrol and packaging on the shelf-life of marinated chicken  Karam, Layal; Roustom, Rayan; Abiad, Mohamad G.; El-Obeid, Tahra; Savvaidis, Ioannis N.2019ElsevierArticle
    Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study on High Pressure Methane Solubility in Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents  Altamash T.; Amhamed A.I.; Aparicio S.; Atilhan M.2019American Chemical SocietyArticle
    Combined influence of temperature and flow rate of feeds on the performance of forward osmosis  Hawari, Alaa H.; Kamal, Nagla; Altaee, Ali2016ElsevierArticle
    Combined use of lifecycle management and IoT in smart cities  Hefnawy A.; Elhariri T.; Cherifi C.; Robert J.; Bouras A.; ... more authors 2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Combustion and emissions of a diesel engine utilizing novel intake manifold designs and running on alternative fuels  Sadeq A.M.; Bassiony M.A.; Elbashir A.M.; Ahmed S.F.; Khraisheh M.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
    Combustion synthesis of bifunctional LaMO3 (M = Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni) perovskites for oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media  Ashok A.; Kumar A.; Bhosale R.R.; Almomani F.; Malik S.S.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    Comfort-based fuzzy control optimization for energy conservation in HVAC systems  Hussain, S.; Gabbar, H.A.; Bondarenko, D.; Musharavati, F.; Pokharel, S.2014Elsevier LtdArticle
    Comments on: "Fault detection for continuous-time switched systems under asynchronous switching"  Hajshirmohamadi, S.; Davoodi, M.2015John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Article
    The Commercial Value of Fish at Fasht Ad-Dibal and its Associated Biota in the Qatari Waters, Arabian Gulf
    Alternative Title: الأسماك التجارية والاحياء المرافقة في فشت الديبل بالمياه القطرية، الخليج العربي
    Al Ansi, Mohsin A. [محسن عبد الله العنسي]; AL Khayat, Jassim A. [جاسم عبد الله الخياط]2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    Common and Rare Genetic Variants Associated With Alzheimer's Disease  Marei, Hany E.; Althani, Asmaa; Suhonen, Jaana; El Zowalaty, Mohamed E.; Albanna, Mohammad A.; ... more authors 2016WILEY PERIODICALS, INC.Article
    Common fixed Points for Multimaps in Menger Spaces
    Alternative Title: النقاط الثابتة لدالة متعددة المتغيرات في فضاءات منجر
    Deshpande, Bhavana [بهافانا دشباندي]2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    Common mode voltage reduction technique in a three-to-three phase indirect matrix converter  Rahman K.; Al-Emadi N.; Iqbal A.; Rahman S.2018Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle
    Common-mode voltage reduction for space vector modulated three- to five-phase indirect matrix converter  Dabour S.M.; Abdel-Khalik A.S.; Ahmed S.; Massoud A.M.; Allam S.M.2018Elsevier LtdArticle
    Communication Among Parents Who Share Physical Custody After Divorce or Separation  Markham, Melinda Stafford; Hartenstein, Jaimee L.; Mitchell, Yolanda T.; Khalil, Ghadir Aljayyousi2015SAGE PublicationsArticle
    Community structure and activity of a highly dynamic and nutrient-limited hypersaline microbial mat in Um Alhool Sabkha, Qatar  Al-Thani, Roda; Al-Najjar, Mohammad A.A.; Al-Raei, Abdul Munem; Ferdelman, Tim; Thang, Nguyen M.; ... more authors 2014Public Library of ScienceArticle
    Comparability of Interview and Self-Administration of the Functional Assessment of Chronic Illness Therapy-Tuberculosis (Facit-Tb) Instrument in Iraqi Pulmonary Tuberculosis Patients  Dujaili, J.A.; Syed, Sulaiman S.A.; Hassali, M.A.; Blebil, A.Q.; Awaisu, A.; ... more authors 2014ElsevierArticle
    Comparative analysis of computer-vision and BLE technology based indoor navigation systems for people with visual impairments  Kunhoth J.; Karkar A.; Al-Maadeed S.; Al-Attiyah A.2019BioMed Central Ltd.Article
    Comparative assessment of fracture risk among osteoporosis and osteopenia patients: a cross-sectional study  Tomasevic-Todorovic, Snezana; Vazic, Atina; Issaka, Abukari; Hanna, Fahad2018Dove Medical PressArticle