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Constituents Of Green Beans Phaseolus Vulgaris (Lipids And Flavonoids)  Rizk, A.M.; Ismail, S.I.; Azzam, S.A.; Wood, G.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
Occurence of Phytoplankton in Stomach Content and Its Selectivity by Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus L.) Cultured in Fertilized Earthen Ponds  Abdel-Tawwab, Mohsen2003Qatar UniversityArticle
Homomorphisms And Subalgebras Of Ms-Algebras  El-Assar, S.; Badawy, A.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
Edaphic properties and soil cyanobacteria of South Western Saudi Arabia.  Arif, Ibrahim A.; El-Syed, A.M.A.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
Planting Date Effect On Growth Characters And Yield Of Sorghum Under A Dry Farming-System In An Arabian Gulf Environment  Ismail, A.M.A.; Ali, A.H.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
On The Earthworm Fauna And Distribution In The State Of Qatar  Al Yousuf, Shoa'a [شعاع السيد اليوسف]; Hagras, Ahmed E. W.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
Heat Budget of the Southeastern Part of the Arabian Gulf  Sultan, S. A. R. [سلطان]; Elghribi, N. M.2001Qatar UniversityArticle
Chemical Factors Affecting Growth and Development of Lateral Root Formation in Isolated Phaseolus vulgaris L.  Zeadan, Sahla Mohammad2007Qatar UniversityArticle
Proton And Carbon-13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Of Some 4-Amino-3-Alkyl (Aryl)-5-Thio-1,2,4-Triazolines And Their Derivatives  El Toukhy, Ahmed [احمد الطوخي]; Al-Kubaisi, Abdulla H.; Kenawy, Ibrahim1991Qatar UniversityArticle
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids from alkanna orientalis (L.) Boiss  Hammouda, F. M. [فايزة محمود حمودة]; Ismail, S. I.; Hassan, N. M.; Tawfiq, W. A.; Kamel, A.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
Screening Of Some Fungi For Uricolytic Activity  El Din, Mahmoud M. Nour [محمود متولي نورالدين]; El-Fallal, A.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
Separation of Two Forms of Extracellular p-glucosidase From a Thermotolerant Aspergillus niveus  Taj Aldeen, Saad J. [سعد جابر تاج الدين]2003Qatar UniversityArticle
Studies On The Effect Of Cadmium Chloride On The Gonads Of The Developing Chick Embryos  El Shabaka, H. A. [حمزة احمد الشبكة]1987Qatar UniversityArticle
Marine Algae As Bioindicators Of Pollution Levels In The Arabian Gulf  Kureishy, Tariq W.; Abdel-Moati, M. A. R.; Al-Muftah, A. R.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
Ascending urinary tract infection in rats caused by Proteus mirabilis  Al Murayati, H. Y. A. [حيدر المراياتي]; Al-Murayati, H. Y.; Al-Ani, I. M.; Gani, H. M.1997Qatar UniversityArticle
Studies On The Decay Of 241Am  Al Houty, L [لطيفة ابراهبم الحوطي]; El-Kameesy, S. U.; Abou-Leila, H.1989Qatar UniversityArticle
The Neurosecretory Cells and Neurosecretions in the Developmental Stages of the Cotton Leafworm -Spodoptera Littoralis (B)  Banhawy, M. A. [محمود احمد البنهاوي]; Anwar, Ibrahim M.1981Qatar UniversityArticle
Reproducing Formula and Algorithm of a Familv of Biorthonormal Wavelets  Lehua, Mu [مو ليهوا]2005Qatar UniversityArticle
The Antibiotic Activity Of Some Aquatic Plants And Algal Extracts From Jordan  Mesmar, M. N. [محمد نزار مسمار]; Abussaud, M.1991Qatar UniversityArticle
Trace Metals In Qatari Fish And Shellfish  Aboul Dahab, O. [اسامة أبو الذهب]1991Qatar UniversityArticle

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