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The Effect of Aluminium Dross on Mechanical and Corrosion Properties of Concrete  Ozerkan, Nesibe; Maki, Omar; Anayeh, Momen; Tangen, Stian; M. Abdullah, Aboubakr2014OMICS InternationalArticle
Synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial properties of novel double layer nanocomposite electrospun fibers for wound dressing applications  Hassiba, Alaa J.; El Zowalaty, Mohamed E.; Webster, Thomas J.; Abdullah, Aboubakr M.; Nasrallah, Gheyath K.; Khalil, Khalil Abdelrazek; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Elzatahry, Ahmed A.2017Dove PressArticle
Influence of the Ce:YAG amount on structure and optical properties of Ce:YAG-PMMA composites for white LED  Armetta, Francesco; Sibeko, Motshabi A.; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Martino, Delia F. Chillura; Spinella, Alberto; Saladino, Maria Luisa2016De GruyterArticle
Plasticization and co-crystallization in LLDPE/wax blends.  Gumede, Thandi P.; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Perez-Camargo, Ricardo A.; Iturrospe, Amaia; Arbe, Arantxa; Zubitur, Manuela; Mugica, Agurtzane; Müller, Alejandro J.2016Wiley Periodicals, IncArticle
Morphology and magnetic properties of the ethylene-co-vinyl acetate/iron nanocomposite films prepared by implantation with Fe6+ ions  Božanić, Dušan K.; Draganić, Ilija; Bibić, Nataša; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Konstantinović, Zorica; Djoković, Vladimir2016ElsevierArticle
Properties and thermo-switch behaviour of LDPE mixed with carbon black, zinc metal and paraffin wax  Motloung, T.B.; Dudic, D.; Mofokeng, J. P.; Luyt, A. S.2017Springer VerlagArticle
Electrospun alginate nanofibres impregnated with silver nanoparticles: Preparation, morphology and antibacterial properties  Mokhena, T.C.; Luyt, A.S.2017ElsevierArticle
The influence of paraffin wax addition on the isothermal crystallization of LLDPE  Gumede, T.P.; Luyt, A.S.; Perez-Camargo, R.A.; Muller, A.J.2016WileyArticle
Morphology and thermal degradation studies of melt-mixed PLA/PHBV biodegradable polymer blend nanocomposites with TiO2 as filler.  Mofokeng, J.P.; Luyt, A.S.2015WileyArticle
Electrospun PVDF graphene oxide composite fibre mats with tunable physical properties.  Issa, A.A.; Al-Maadeed, M.A.A.S.; Mrlik, M.; Luyt, A.S.2016Springer VerlagArticle
Investigation of the physico-mechanical properties of electrospun PVDF/cellulose nanofibers.  Issa, A.A.; Al-Maadeed, M.; Luyt, A.S.; Mrlik, M.; Hassan, M.K.2016WileyArticle
Influence of blending and blend morphology on the thermal properties and crystallization behaviour of PLA and PCL in PLA/PCL blends  Luyt, A.S.; Gasmi, S.2016SpringerArticle
Preparation and characterisation of Ce:YAG -polycarbonate composites for white LED  Saladino, Maria Luisa; Armetta, Francesco; Sibeko, Motshabi A.; Luyt, Adriaan S.; Chillura Martino, Delia F.; Caponetti, Eugenio2016ElsevierArticle
Morphology and properties of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) filled with mesoporous silica (MCM-41) prepared by melt compounding  Sibeko, M.A.; Saladino, M.L.; Luyt, A.S.; Caponetti, E.2016SpringerArticle
Effect of layered silicates on the thermal stability of PCL/PLA microfibrillar composites  Mofokeng, J.P.; Kelnar, I.; Luyt, A.S.2016ElsevierArticle
Monolayer polymer photocells. The opportunities  Dudić, Duško; Luyt, Adriaan S.2015Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republic of SerbiaArticle
Preparation of multiphase poly(styrene-co-butyl acrylate)/wax-clay nanocomposites via miniemulsion polymerization  Greesh, Nagi; Luyt, Adriaan S.2015AD PublicationsArticle
A review on electrospun bio-based polymers for water treatment  Mokhena, T.C.; Jacobs, V.; Luyt, A.S.2015Budapest University of TechnologyArticle
Editorial: Using thermogravimetric analysis to determine polymer thermal stability: Relevance of changes in onset temperature of mass loss  Luyt, A.S.2015Budapest University of TechnologyArticle
Influence of the presence of medium-soft paraffin wax on the morphology and properties of iPP/silver nanocomposites  Molaba, M.P.; Dudic, D.; Luyt, A.S.2015Budapest University of TechnologyArticle

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