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    TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
    Critical success factors for TQM implementation and their impact on performance of SMEs  Salaheldin, S.I.2009Emerald Group Publishing LimitedArticle
    Critical Thinking and Qatar’s Education For a New Era: Negotiating Possibilities  Romanowski, Michael H.; Nasser, Ramzi2012University of South Carolina GreensboroArticle
    Criticality measures for components with multi-dimensional degradation  Liu, X.; Al-Khalifa, K.N.; Elsayed, E.A.; Coit, D.W.; Hamouda, A.S.2014Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
    Cross Layer NOMA Interference Mitigation for Femtocell Users in 5G Environment  Budhiraja I.; Tyagi S.; Tanwar S.; Kumar N.; Guizani M.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
    Cross-country analysis of alternative five factor personality trait profiles  Kovi Z.; Aluja A.; Glicksohn J.; Blanch A.; Morizot J.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier LtdArticle
    Cross-Layer Optimal Rate Allocation for Heterogeneous Wireless Multicast  Mohamed, Amr; Alnuweiri, Hussein2009Hindawi Publishing CorporationArticle
    Cross-national analysis of estimated narcotic utilization for twelve Arabic speaking countries in the Middle East  Wilby, Kyle John; Wilbur, Kerry2016ElsevierArticle
    Cross-national differences in special education coverage: An empirical analysis  Anastasiou, Dimitris; Keller, Clayton E.2014Council for Exceptional ChildrenArticle
    Cross-Network Performance Analysis of Network Coding Aided Cooperative Outband D2D Communications  Datsika, Eftychia; Antonopoulos, Angelos; Zorba, Nizar; Verikoukis, Christos2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
    Cross-race correlations in the abilities to match unfamiliar faces  Kokje E.; Bindemann M.; Megreya A.M.2018Elsevier B.V.Article
    A cross-sectional survey of the perspectives of older people in the Scottish Highlands on the management of their chronic pain.  Stewart, Derek; Rushworth, Gordon; Bailey, Nicola; Pfleger, Sharon; Jebara, Tesnime; ... more authors 2020Oxford University PressArticle
    Cross-training policies for repair shops with spare part inventories  Sleptchenko A.; Turan H.H.; Pokharel S.; ElMekkawy T.Y.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Crossflow Microfiltration of Tight Emulsions and Suspended Colloids by Ceramic Membranes  Abdalla, Mays Said Abdelrahman2018Master Thesis
    Crosstalk between HER2 and PD-1/PD-L1 in Breast Cancer: From Clinical Applications to Mathematical Models.  Padmanabhan, Regina; Kheraldine, Hadeel Shafeeq; Meskin, Nader; Vranic, Semir; Al Moustafa, Ala-Eddin2020SpringerArticle
    Crosstalk Between Oxidative Stress and Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER) Stress in Endothelial Dysfunction and Aberrant Angiogenesis Associated With Diabetes: A Focus on the Protective Roles of Heme Oxygenase (HO)-1  Maamoun, Hatem; Benameur, Tarek; Pintus, Gianfranco; Munusamy, Shankar; Agouni, Abdelali2019Frontiers MediaArticle Review
    Crowd Dynamics, Management and Control at Tourist Attractions during Special Events: A Case Study at Souq Waqif Using Pedestride® Crowd Simulation Tool  Abdelaal, Ali; Dias, Charitha; Sarvi, Majid; Alhajyaseen, Wael; Tarlochan, Faris2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    Crowd Logistics Delivery Determinants: A Stated-Preference Survey  Al-Saudi, Ali; Himpel, Frank2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    Crowd vs. Expert: What can relevance judgment rationales teach us about assessor disagreement?  Kutlu, M.; Kutlu, Mucahid; McDonnell, Tyler; Barkallah, Yassmine; Elsayed, Tamer; ... more authors 2018ACMConference Paper
    The crusading plans during the fourteenth and fifteenth century  Al Hajji, Hayat Nasser1982Qatar UniversityArticle