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    Revealing of Core Shell Effect on Frequency-Dependent Properties of Bi-based Relaxor/Ferroelectric Ceramic Composites.  Saleem, Mohsin; Hwan, Lim Dong; Kim, In-Sung; Kim, Min-Soo; Maqbool, Adnan; ... more authors 2018Nature ResearchArticle
    Revealing the hidden features in traffic prediction via entity embedding  Wang, Bo; Shaaban, Khaled; Kim, Inhi2019Springer LondonArticle
    Revealing the maternal demographic history of Panthera leo using ancient DNA and a spatially explicit genealogical analysis  Barnett, Ross; Yamaguchi, Nobuyuki; Shapiro, Beth; Ho, Simon Y.W.; Barnes, Ian; ... more authors 2014BioMed Central Ltd.Article
    The reversing influence of involvement on the framing effect: The role of emotions and negativity  Saqib, N. U.2014John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.Article
    Review of 'terrain vague: Interstices at the edge of the pale' by Manuela Mariani and patrick barron (editors). London & New York, Routledge, 2014, 256 pages, ISBN 978-0415827683  Grichting, Anna2014Archnet-IJARBook Review
    A Review of Cardiac Rehabilitation Delivery Around the World.  Pesah, Ella; Marta, Supervia; Karam, Turk-Adawi; Sherry, Grace2017WB SaundersArticle
    A review of climate change in South East Asian Countries and human health: Impacts, vulnerability, adaptation, and mitigation  Gamage, Anuji Upekshika; Pearson, Dess; Hanna, Fahad2016World Health OrganizationArticle
    A Review of Clinical Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Relationships and Clinical Implications for Drugs Used to Treat Multi-drug Resistant Tuberculosis  Wilby, KJ; Hussain, FN2020SpringerArticle Review
    Review of Evidence for Measuring Drug Concentrations of First-Line Antitubercular Agents in Adults  Wilby, Kyle John; Ensom, Mary H.H.; Marra, Fawziah2014Springer International PublishingArticle
    Review of existing transportation sustainability initiatives and their applicability to Qatar  Abdelwarith, Karim A.; Kandil, Amr A.; Haddock, John E.; Senouci, Ahmed B.; Al-Derham, Hassan R.2012American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Conference Paper
    A Review of Fatigue Testing Machines  Shawki, G. S. A.1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Review of National and International Accreditation of Pharmacy Programs in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries.  Alkhateeb, Fadi M; Arkle, Steve; McDonough, Sharon L K; Latif, David A2018Aacp American AssociationArticle Review
    A Review Of Petroleum Engineering Aspects Of Qatar's Oil And Gas  Al Siddiqi, Ahmed; Dawe, Richard1998Qatar UniversityArticle
    A review of problem solving capabilities in lean process management  Puvanasvaran, A.P.; Muhamad, M.R.; Megat, M.H.M.A.; Tang, S.H.; Hamouda, A.M.S.2008Science PublicationsArticle
    A review of process and production in SL studies  Al-Buainain, Haifa1990Qatar UniversityArticle
    Review of recent advancements of direct torque control in induction motor drives - A decade of progress  Kumar R.H.; Iqbal A.; Lenin N.C.2018Institution of Engineering and TechnologyArticle Review
    Review of recent research on biomedical applications of electrospun polymer nanofibers for improved wound healing  Hassiba, Alaa J.; El Zowalaty, Mohamed E.; Nasrallah, Gheyath K.; Webster, Thomas J.; Luyt, Adriaan S.; ... more authors 2016Future MedicineArticle
    Review of the genus polymorphus luhe, 1911 (acanthocephala:polymorphidae), with the synonymization of hexaglandula petrochenko, 1950, and subcorynosoma hoklova, 1967, and a key to the species
    Alternative Title: مراجعة جنس بوليمورفاس لوهى 1911 ( شوكيات الرأس : بوليمورفيدي ) ووضع الجنسين هيكساجلانديولا بتروشينكو 1950 وسابكورينوسوما هوكلوفا 1967 كمترادفين ومفتاح للأنواع
    Amin, Omar M. [عمر امين]1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Review of The International Law of the Sea by Donald R Rothwell  Truby, Jon2017Kluwer Law InternationalBook Review
    A review of the role of public health informatics in healthcare  Aziz, Hassan2017ElsevierArticle