• Development of oral cancer: Risk factors and prevention strategies 

      Al Moustafa, Ala Eddin ( Springer International Publishing , 2017 , Book)
      This book aims to provide the reader with a complete understanding of the development of oral cancer by explaining the role of a wide variety of implicated risk factors and identifying their gene targets and key regulators. ...
    • Droits de l'homme : regards croisés franco-qatarien 

      Mekki, Mustapha; Belknani, Faouzi ( Dictus Publishing , 2017 , Book)
      Quelle place faut-il accorder aux droits de l'homme au Qatar ? La question peut paraître polémique. A vrai dire, ce thème a été l'occasion d'un échange fructueux entre juristes français, tunisiens, égyptiens et qatariens ...
    • Economic Development in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: From Rentier States to Diversified Economies 

      Miniaoui, Héla ( Springer Nature , 2020 , Book)
      This book delves into the economic development of the six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. Since the 1960s, the GCC states have harnessed their potential to exploit the wealth accrued from the oil boom to build ...
    • Egyptians in revolt: The political economy of labor and student mobilizations 1919-2011 

      Abdel Ghafar, Adel ( Taylor and Francis , 2016 , Book)
      Egyptians in Revolt investigates the political economy of the Egyptian labor and student movements. Using elements of social movement theory within a broad political economy framework, it assesses labor and student ...
    • International Conference on Civil Infrastructure and Construction (CIC 2020) 

      Sirin, Okan; Ebead, Usama; Eid, Hisham; Gunduz, Murat; Hussein, Mohammed ( Qatar University Press دار نشر جامعة قطر , 2020 , Book  &   Conference Proceedings)
      This is the proceedings of the CIC 2020 Conference, which was held under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa bin Abdulaziz Al Thani in Doha, Qatar from 2 to 5 February 2020. The goal of the ...
    • Iran’s Relations with the Arab States of the Gulf: Common Interests over Historic Rivalry 

      Warnaar, Maaike; Zaccara, Luciano; Aarts, Paul ( Gerlan Press , 2016 , Book)
      Iran’s relations with its neighbours have never been smooth. During the monarchy, for example, while Iran cultivated close relations with Saudi Arabia it at the same time competed with Riyadh for control of the oil market ...
    • L'OTAN et le Maghreb 

      Saidy, Brahim ( L'Harmattan , 2014 , Book)
      Le Maghreb n’a jamais eu de place majeure dans les politiques et les stratégies de l’OTAN. Pourtant, après la chute de l’Union Soviétique, des approches visant à intégrer dans un dispositif coopératif simplifié les États ...
    • Mobile Disruptions in the Middle East: Lessons from Qatar and the Arabian Gulf Region in Mobile Media Content Innovation 

      Pavlik, John V; Dennis, Everette E; Mersey, Rachel Davis; Gengler, Justin ( Routledge , 2018 , Book)
      Mobile Disruptions in the Middle East identifies trends in mobile media use in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates and, more broadly, explores their impact on the nature of digital journalism. Mobility has long been an ...
    • Open a GLAM Lab 

      Mahey, Mahendra; Al-Abdulla, Aisha; Ames, Sarah; Bray, Paula; Candela, Gustavo; ... more authors ( QU Press , 2019 , Book)
      Defining a GLAM Lab: A Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) Lab is a place for experimenting with digital collections and data. It is where researchers, artists, entrepreneurs, educators and the interested ...
    • Pharmacy Practice in Developing Countries: Achievements and Challenges 

      Fathelrahman, Ahmed Ibrahim; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Wertheimer, Albert I. ( Elsevier Inc. , 2016 , Book)
      Pharmacy Practice in Developing Countries: Achievements and Challenges offers a detailed review of the history and development of pharmacy practice in developing countries across Africa, Asia, and South America. Pharmacy ...
    • A Practical Guide to Upstream Petroleum Granting Instruments 

      Roberts, Peter ( Qatar University Press , 2020 , Book)
      A Practical Guide to Upstream Petroleum Granting Instruments reviews the content and the effect of the various forms of granting instrument which are used worldwide for petroleum exploration and production. The guide ...
    • Promoting Health: The Primary Health Care Approach 

      O'Hara, Lily; Talbot, Lyn; Taylor, Jane; Verrinder, Glenda ( Elsevier , 2020 , Book)
      The seventh edition of Promoting Health is an essential book for a range of health practitioners to guide their health promotion practice within a comprehensive primary health care context. With a new author team featuring ...
    • Qatar University Annual Report 2013 - 2014 

      ( Qatar University , 2014 , Book)
    • Qatar University Annual Report 2014 - 2015 

      ( Qatar University , 2015 , Book)
    • Qatar University Annual Report 2015 - 2016 

      ( Qatar University , 2016 , Book)
    • Shifting priorities in Russia's foreign and security policy 

      Kanet, Roger E.; Piet, Remi ( Ashgate Publishing Ltd , 2014 , Book)
      Given the resurgence of Russian economic capabilities and of Russia's role as a regional, even global, political actor, much of the literature written more than 4-5 years ago is already dated. The editor and contributors ...
    • Social and administrative aspects of pharmacy in low-and middle-income countries: Present challenges and future solutions 

      Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Wertheimer, Albert I.; Babar, Zaheer Ud Din ( Elsevier Inc. , 2017 , Book)
      Social and Administrative Aspects of Pharmacy in Low- and Middle-Income Countries: Present Challenges and Future Solutions examines the particularities of low- and middle-income countries and offers solutions based on their ...
    • Sociolinguistics of Style and Social Class in Contemporary Athens 

      Theodoropoulou, Irene ( John Benjamins Publishing , 2014 , Book)
      This ethnographic study deals with the ways people in Athens, Greece, use style to construct their social class identities. Including a rich dataset comprising ethnographic interviews with actual people who live in the ...
    • Specialty Portfolio in Radiation Oncology: A global certification roadmap for trainers and trainees (Handbook – Logbook) 

      Mula-Hussain, Layth; Wadi-Ramahi, Shada; Li, Benjamin; Ahmed, Soha; de Moraes, Fabio Ynoe ( Qatar University Press , 2021 , Book)
      A book gives guidance with information in radiation oncology certification from a global perspective. The idea is to help establish competency-based certification programs in radiation oncology worldwide. The portfolio ...
    • Spectroscopy of Polymer Nanocomposites 

      Thomas, Sabu; Rouxel, Didier; Ponnamma, Deepalekshmi ( Elsevier Inc. , 2016 , Book)
      Spectroscopy of Polymer Nanocomposites covers all aspects of the spectroscopic characterization of polymer nanocomposites. More than 25 spectroscopy characterization techniques - almost all used in materials science - are ...