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AuthorSiyyam, Hani I.
AuthorHamdan, M.H.
Available date2010-01-07T07:10:41Z
Publication Date2008-04-16
Publication NameApplied Mathematics and Mechanics
CitationSiyyam, H., & Hamdan, M. H. (2008). Analysis of particulate behavior in porous media. Applied Mathematics and Mechanics, 29(4), 511–516
AbstractIn this work, we analyze the behavior of the particle phase in the flow of a particle-laden mixture through a porous medium. An attempt is made to model the diffusion and dispersion processes, and to quantify the deviation terms that arise when intrinsic volume averaging is used to derive the flow equations
PublisherShanghai University Press
Subjectporous media
Subjectdusty gases
Subjectparticle behavior
TitleAnalysis of particulate behavior in porous media

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