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AuthorKwiecińska, Anna
AuthorPorwit, Anna
AuthorSouchelnytskyi, Nazariy
AuthorKaufeldt, Ann
AuthorLarsson, Catharina
AuthorBajalica-Lagercrantz, Svetlana
AuthorSouchelnytskyi, Serhiy
Available date2019-02-14T08:16:57Z
Publication Date2018-04-04
Publication NamePathobiologyen_US
CitationKwiecińska, Anna. et al. Proteomic Profiling of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphomas. Pathobiology. Vol. 58 , Issue 4, P.p. 211–219
AbstractThe aim of this study was to identify differences in proteome profiles of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL) of nongerminal center (non-GC) versus GC type in the search for new markers and drug targets. Six DLBCL, with 3 repeats for each, were used for the initial study by proteomics: 3 non-GC and 3 GC DLBCL cases. For immunohistochemistry, tissue microarrays were made from 31 DLBCL samples: 16 non-GC de novo lymphomas and 15 GC cases (11 transformed from follicular lymphomas and 4 de novo GC lymphomas). Proteome profiling was performed by two-dimensional gel electrophoresis and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. Ninety-one proteins were found differentially expressed in non-GC compared to GC type. The Cytoscape tool was used for systemic analysis of proteomics data, revealing 19 subnetworks representing functions affected in non-GC versus GC types of DLBCL. A validation study of 3 selected proteins (BiP/Grp78, Hsp90, and cyclin B2) showed the enhanced expression in non-GC DLBCL, supporting the proteomics data.
SponsorNPRP9-453-3-089, QU internal grants
PublisherKarger Publishers
SubjectCyclin B2
SubjectDe novo diffuse large B-cell lymphomas
SubjectDiffuse large B-cell lymphoma
SubjectGerminal center type
SubjectNon-germinal center type
SubjectTransformed lymphoma
Subjectproteomics, cancer
TitleProteomic Profiling of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphomas
Issue Number4
Volume Number85

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