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AuthorAl-Harami, Albandari
AuthorFurlan, Raffaello
Available date2019-05-13T09:31:54Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameJournal of Urban Regeneration and Renewalen_US
CitationAl-Harami, Albandari. Furlan, Raffaello. The urban fabric of Al Zubarah city: Unveiling an urban regeneration vision for modern urbanism in Qatar. Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal, Vol 12, Issue 2 , P.p. 151-176
AbstractThe urban fabric of Islamic cities has been shaped by the rules of Sharia, sociocultural and economic factors. After being founded in the 1760s by a Kuwaiti tribe known as Utub, Al Zubarah became a flourishing pearl fishing and trading settlement. Due to its abandonment in the early 1900s, remaining untouched since then and protected by a layer of sand, the urban fabric of the city is completely preserved. This research study explores the urban layout of Al Zubarah city, analysing the evolution of its urban fabric, network, access, functions and main land uses, influenced by the sociocultural factors that contributed to its formation. The paper includes a review of the literature and exploratory interviews with academics, urban planners, archaeologists and historians. It also provides a site layout analysis of the urban fabric of the archaeological site based on the design principles and morphological components of Islamic cities. The analysis is based on the methodological approach conceived by Petruccioli, who analyses the Islamic city on three different scales: 1) the urban organism; 2) the urban fabric; and 3) the building type. The findings reveal that the urban fabric of Al Zubarah has been influenced by sociocultural factors. The relationship is visible through the urban fabric, network and types of building within the site. The outcome of this research study reveals how one of the most important UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the State of Qatar is the manifestation of urban design principles, which should contribute to the urban regeneration and renewal of modern Islamic cities.
PublisherHenry Stewart Publications
Subjecturban design
Subjectbuilt heritage
Subjecturban fabric
SubjectAl Zubarah city
SubjectIslamic city
Subjectsociocultural factors
TitleThe urban fabric of Al Zubarah city: Unveiling an urban regeneration vision for modern urbanism in Qatar
Issue Number2
Volume Number12
dc.identifier.essn 1752-9646

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