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AuthorAlmomani, F.
AuthorBhosale, R. R.
AuthorKumar, A.
AuthorKhraisheh, M. A.M.
AuthorShawaqfah, M.
Available date2019-09-12T09:29:57Z
Publication Date2018-01-01
Publication NameEnvironmental Division 2018 - Core Programming Area at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meetingen_US
CitationAlmomani, F.; Bhosale, R. R.; Kumar, A.; Khraisheh, M. A.M.; Shawaqfah, M. (2018),“Improving biogas production from agricultural waste by photo-Fenton process”, Environmental Division 2018 - Core Programming Area at the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting, pp. 169-181
AbstractThe Study investigates the enhancement of biogas production from a mixture of agricultural solid waste, wastewater and manure by Photo-Fenton prices process. The effect of the total solids, organic content, nutrient and the structure of the substrate on the production of the biogas were assisted. The performance of anaerobic digestion (AD) was monitored by following volatile solids removal efficiencies, biogas production rate and biogas yield ands composition. A number of strategies including controlling the composition of the substrate and employing chemical oxidation process where tested to determine if they resulted in an increase in that in amount of biogas production. The cumulative biogas production for 30 h of digestion ranged from 16.2 to 69.8L/kgVS.h, with the highest production rate for substrate with C/NL ratios in the range 20-30., COD in the range 185 to 40 mg/L an TS in the range 100-15%. The production of by biogas increased by increasing substrate VS/TS ratio, reaching a cumulative biogas production rate of 29.8 NL as a VS/TS ratio of 45%, and a 60,5 NL at a VS/TS ratio of 76. Using photo thing as an intermediate oxidation process between two Ads improved biogas production by 19 to 31.3% for the same substrate.
SubjectAnaerobic digestion
SubjectMethane yields
TitleImproving biogas production from agricultural waste by photo-Fenton process
TypeConference Paper
elsevier.identifier.scopusid SCOPUS_ID:85062426868

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