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Available date2019-10-03T10:50:02Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NamePolymer Composites
AbstractThis article provides an experimental investigation into the crashworthiness of carbon jute glass reinforced epoxy circular composite tubes. The test specimens were fabricated of 6 layers with different stacking sequence using wet-wrapping process and tested under uniaxial quasi-static compression loading up to complete crushing. The effects of hybrid reinforcement, stacking sequence, and relative reinforcement amounts on the energy absorption capabilities and failure modes were studied. Also, the crush load�displacement response, initial crushing failure load, total energy absorption, specific energy absorption, average crushing load, and crushing force efficiency were determined and discussed. The scanning electron microscope study was considered to analyze the failure modes of the crushed specimens. Results indicate that specimens' failure modes and energy absorption capabilities were highly dominated by the reinforcement combinations and plies stacking sequence. Also, hybrid carbon�jute�glass reinforced epoxy composite tubes have the potential to be used as energy absorbers as compared to jute-reinforced epoxy composite tubes. The JGC composite tube has a higher load carrying capacity and energy absorption capability compared to other hybrid composite tubes, so it seems to be the best appropriate choice for energy absorbing devices.
PublisherJohn Wiley and SonsInc.
TitleCrashworthiness characteristics of carbon jute glass reinforced epoxy composite circular tubes
Volume Number39

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