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AuthorMazzetto S.
AuthorPetruccioli A.
Available date2020-03-18T08:10:11Z
Publication Date2018
Publication NameStudies in Conservation
AbstractThe large number of conservation and restoration works recently completed in Qatar show that there exists a need to enhance appreciation of the local architectural and building traditions, as a way of bringing to light the historical memory of these local places, using local techniques and materials to conserve existing buildings and to typologically integrate them. This paper offers an update on the status of some recent conservation projects in Qatar, analysing and comparing a number of completed restorations of historic buildings on the basis of the categories into which they can be organised; the extent to which they had deteriorated before restoration; the methods that were adopted; the construction materials and techniques used; the philosophical approach taken to restoration; and the various proposals for reusing the restored buildings. Comparison and analysis of the data make it possible to classify these methods and techniques in ways that could be applied to other conservation projects in future. The aim is to define a philosophy and methodologies that are consistent, and will be able to give expression to the specific local culture in matters of conservation, while respecting shared international rules. ? 2017, ? The International Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works 2017.
PublisherTaylor and Francis Ltd.
Subjectarchitectural heritage
Subjecthistoric buildings
Subjecttraditional materials
TitleMethods and Techniques Used in Significant Restoration Projects in Qatar
Pagination303 - 314
Issue Number5
Volume Number63

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