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AuthorBertok T.
AuthorLorencova L.
AuthorHroncekova S.
AuthorGajdosova V.
AuthorJane E.
AuthorHires M.
AuthorKasak P.
AuthorKaman O.
AuthorSokol R.
AuthorBella V.
AuthorEckstein A.A.
AuthorMosnacek J.
AuthorVikartovska A.
AuthorTkac J.
Available date2020-04-09T12:27:28Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NameBiosensors and Bioelectronics
AbstractIn this paper several advances were implemented for glycoprofiling of prostate specific antigen (PSA), what can be applied for better prostate cancer (PCa) diagnostics in the future: 1) application of Au nanoshells with a magnetic core (MP@silica@Au); 2) use of surface plasmons of Au nanoshells with a magnetic core for spontaneous immobilization of zwitterionic molecules via diazonium salt grafting; 3) a double anti-fouling strategy with integration of zwitterionic molecules on Au surface and on MP@silica@Au particles was implemented to resist non-specific protein binding; 4) application of anti-PSA antibody modified Au nanoshells with a magnetic core for enrichment of PSA from a complex matrix of a human serum; 5) direct incubation of anti-PSA modified MP@silica@Au with affinity bound PSA to the lectin modified electrode surface. The electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) signal was enhanced 43 times integrating Au nanoshells with a magnetic core compared to the biosensor without them. This proof-of-concept study shows that the biosensor could detect PSA down to 1.2 fM and at the same time to glycoprofile such low PSA concentration using a lectin patterned biosensor device. The biosensor offers a recovery index of 108%, when serum sample was spiked with a physiological concentration of PSA (3.5 ng mL 1 ).
SponsorEuropean Regional Development Fund, Grantov Agentura ceska Republiky
PublisherElsevier Ltd
SubjectAu nanoshells with a magnetic core
SubjectCancer biomarker
SubjectDiazonium salt
SubjectImpedance spectroscopy
SubjectProstate specific antigen
TitleAdvanced impedimetric biosensor configuration and assay protocol for glycoprofiling of a prostate oncomarker using Au nanoshells with a magnetic core
Volume Number131

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