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AuthorIsmail, Dalia
AuthorTounsi, Karawen
AuthorZolezzi, Monica
AuthorEltorki, Yassin
Available date2020-06-23T20:45:41Z
Publication Date2019
Publication NameAsian Journal of Psychiatry
AbstractClozapine is considered as the first line antipsychotic for treatment resistant schizophrenia (TRS). Worldwide reports indicate an overall underutilization of clozapine in patients experiencing TRS. This study aims to understand the prescribing practices, monitoring strategies and barriers to the use of clozapine in the Arabian Gulf (AG) region. Qualitative methodology was employed to explore mental health professionals’ experience with clozapine prescribing practices. Semi-structured, individual in-depth interviews were conducted. All interviews were analyzed using a thematic approach. A total of 13 interviews were conducted with participants from six AG countries. Four major themes emerged from the analysis in relation to clozapine prescribing and monitoring practices, clozapine use guidelines, and barriers to the use of clozapine. Thematic analysis revealed a tendency to under prescribe clozapine in the AG region, which appears to be predominantly influenced by prescriber-related barriers and less likely due to the lack of a nation-wide hematological monitoring program. Future studies should explore strategies for overcoming the barriers identified.
SponsorThis research was funded by a Qatar University Undergraduate Student grant (reference: QUST-2-CPH-2017-9). We would like to thank all participants in the six AG countries and those who assisted us with the recruitment process. We would like to extend particular thanks to Dr. Jonathan G. Leung, psychiatric clinical pharmacist at Mayo Clinic Hospital in the United States who helped us piloting the interview guide questions in addition to his guidance in regards to the US FDA REMS program for clozapine.
PublisherElsevier B.V.
SubjectArabian Gulf countries
SubjectClozapine utilization
SubjectTreatment-resistant schizophrenia
TitleA qualitative exploration of clozapine prescribing and monitoring practices in the Arabian Gulf countries
Volume Number39

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