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Mixed EWMA-CUSUM and mixed CUSUM-EWMA modified control charts for monitoring first order autoregressive processes  Osei-Aning, Richard; Abbasi, Saddam Akber; Riaz, Muhammad2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Optimal linear–quadratic control of coupled parabolic–hyperbolic PDEs  Aksikas, I.; Moghadam, A. Alizadeh; Forbes, J. F.2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Flow and heat transfer analysis of Jeffery nano fluid impinging obliquely over a stretched plate  Mehmood, Rashid; Nadeem, S.; Saleem, S.; SherAkbar, Noreen2017Taiwan Institute of Chemical EngineersArticle
Derivation of a new Merton's optimal problem presented by fractional stochastic stock price and its applications  Farhadi, A.; Erjaee, G.H.; Salehib, M.2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Hydrogen Atom and Equivalent Form of the Levy-Leblond Equation  Ajaib, Muhammad Adeel2017Institute of Physics PublishingArticle
Two-stage complete allocation sampling  Salehi, Mohammad M.; Seber, George A. F.2017John Wiley and Sons LtdArticle
Spinel ferrite nanoparticles for H2S gas sensor  Ayesh, Ahmad I.; Abu Haija, Mohammad; Shaheen, Adel; Banat, Fawzi2017Springer VerlagArticle
Moment invariants for multi-component shapes with applications to leaf classification  Ben Haj Rhouma, Mohamed; Žunić, Joviša; Younis, Mohammed Chachan2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Fabrication and characterization of flexible ruthenium oxide-loaded polyaniline/poly(vinyl alcohol) nanofibers  Chamakh, M.; Chamakh, Mariem; Ayesh, Ahmad I.; Gharaibeh, Mohammad F.2020WileyArticle
DNA sequencing via Z-shaped graphene nano ribbon field effect transistor decorated with nanoparticles using first-principle transport simulations  Wasfi, Asma; Awwad, Falah; Awwad, Falah; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020IOP PublishingArticle
Enhancing the Sensing Performance of Zigzag Graphene Nanoribbon to Detect NO, NO, and NH Gases.  Salih, Ehab; Ayesh, Ahmad I2020MDPIArticle
Nanostructured Metal Oxide-Based Acetone Gas Sensors: A Review.  Amiri, Vahid; Roshan, Hossein; Mirzaei, Ali; Neri, Giovanni; Ayesh, Ahmad I2020MDPIArticle Review
CO, CO2, and SO2 detection based on functionalized graphene nanoribbons: First principles study  Ehab, Salih; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020ElsevierArticle
Fabrication of H2S gas sensors using ZnxCu1-xFe2O4 nanoparticles  Haija, Mohammad Abu; Chamakh, Mariem; Othman, Israa; Banat, Fawzi; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020SpringerArticle
Production of flexible nanocomposite membranes for x-ray detectors  Ahmad I., Ayesh; Salah, Belal; Nawwas, Rama; Alyafei, Aldana; AlMansouri, Sara; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
DFT investigation of H2S adsorption on graphenenanosheets and nanoribbons: Comparative study  Ehab, Salih; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020ElsevierArticle
First principle investigation of H2Se, H2Te and PH3 sensing based on graphene oxide  Ehab, Salih; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2020ElsevierArticle
Pt-doped armchair graphene nanoribbon as a promising gas sensor for CO and CO2: DFT study  Ehab, Salih; Ayesh, Ahmad I.2021ElsevierArticle
Photocatalytic activity of transition metal ions-loaded activated carbon: Degradation of crystal violet dye under solar radiation  Solimana, Ahmed M.; Elsuccary, S.A.A.; Ali, bIsmail M.; Ayeshd, Ahmad I.2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Erratum to: Two-stage complete allocation sampling (Environmetrics, (2017), 28, 3, (e2441), 10.1002/env.2441)  Salehi, Mohammad M.2017John Wiley and Sons LtdOther

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