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Application of Machine Learning Techniques for The Prediction of Decompressive Hemicraniectomy Prognosis in Acute Ischemic Stroke  Ali, Rahma Saleh2019Master Thesis
Numerical Analysis of a Sacrificial Cladding Panel Subjected to Localized Near-Field Impulsive Load  Alqwasmi, Nouman Nabeel Moh'd. N.2019Master Thesis
Improvement of The Time to Diagnosis for Adult Lymphoma Patients in The State of Qatar: A Retrospective Cohort Study-Based Approach  Adawi, Nada Mamdouh Abdelsalam2019Master Thesis
Time-Aware Workload Charactrization And Prediction For Proactive Auto-Scaling Of Web Applications  Aboueata, Nada Mahmoud2019Master Thesis
Road Users Perception of Dynamic Message Signs And Lane Control Signs  Alsoub, Mohammed Hussam2019Master Thesis
High-Power Multiport Dc-Dc Converter For PV Farm Applications  Khodadady, Mohammad2019Master Thesis
Numerical Simulation of Dynamic Response For Misalignment In Coupled Shafts  Desouki, Mohamed Desouki2019Master Thesis
Multiphase Modular Multilevel Converter Based Drive System For Oil And Gas Recovery In Subsea Applications  Daoud, Mohamed2019Dissertation
Externally Bonded And Near-Surface Mounted FRP Strips For Shear Strengthening Of RC Deep Beams  Ibrahim, Mohamed Amin Babiker2019Master Thesis
Engineering A Fertilizing Draw Solution For Irrigation Using Forward Osmosis / Reverse Osmosis Hybrid System  Hafiz, Mhd Ammar Nabil2019Master Thesis
IOTA Viability In Healthcare Industry  Alshaikhli, Mays Mohammed2019Master Thesis
Optimization Of Urban Systems Using A Nexus Based Urban Algae Production  Alfaraidy, Maryam2019Master Thesis
Fault Diagnosis Of Sensor And Actuator Faults In Multi-Zone Hvac Systems  Elnour, Mariam Ahmed2019Master Thesis
Advanced DSP Algorithms For Modern Wireless Communication Transceivers  Samara, Lutfi Zuhair Lutfi2019Dissertation
Digital Facilities: A Bim Capturing Reality Framework And Integration With Building Management System  Soliman, Karim Abdel Fattah Mohamed Metwally2019Master Thesis
Impact Of Fines On Gas Relative Permeability Through Sand Using Pore Networks From 3d Synchrotron Micro-Computed Tomography  Hannun, Jamal Adel Ibrahim2019Master Thesis
Development Of Multi-Phase Variable Frequency Drives For The Oil & Gas Industry  Shehada, Izzeddin2019Master Thesis
Flexural Strengthening Of Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Fabric Reinforced Cementitious Matrix Systems  El Sherif, Hossameldin Abdou M A2019Master Thesis
Novel Adsorbents For The Removal Of Oil From Produced  AlBatrni, Hania2019Master Thesis
QoE-Aware Resource Allocation For Crowdsourced Live Streaming: A Machine Learning Approach  Haouari, Fatima2019Master Thesis

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