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    H. P. Lovecraft's quest for harmony  Kutrieh, Marcia G.1988Qatar UniversityArticle
    H2 Production via ferrite based H2O splitting cycle: Solar reactor thermodynamic efficiency analysis  Bhosale R.R.; AlMomani F.2018AIChEConference Paper
    HA/rGO/Pd nanocomposite thin film coating on SST 304 - Synthesize, characterization, and properties investigations  Yafei H.F.S.G.A.; Uzun K.; Musharavati F.; Zalnezhad E.; Hamouda A.M.S.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier LtdArticle
    A Habermasian Analysis of Qatar's National Teacher Professional Standards  Romanowski, Michael H.2014Macrothink InstituteArticle
    A Hadamard Transform Fuzzy Segmentation And Classification Technique For Image Compression  Katebi, S. D.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Haemogregarines of geckos in egypt, together with a description of haemogregarina helmymohammedi n.sp.
    Alternative Title: هيموجررينات الأبراص في مصر مع وصف نوع جديد : هيموجريجارينا حلميمحمدى
    Saoud, Mohamed Fathy A. [محمد فتحي عبد الفتاح سعود]; Ramadan, Nadia F.; Mohammed, Shadia H.; Fawzi, Samia M.1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    The Halloween Effect Anomaly: Evidence from Some Arab Countries Equity Markets  Abu Zarour, Bashar2007Qatar UniversityArticle
    Halophytes and Soil Salinity in Qatar
    Alternative Title: النباتات الملحية وعلاقتها بملوحة التربة في قطر
    Abul Fatih, H. A.; Abdel Bari, E. M.; Alsubaey, A.; Ibrahim, Y. M.; أبوالفتح, حسين علي; عبد الباري, اخلاص محمد; السبيعي, عائشة عبد الله; إبراهيم, ياس محمد... more authors 2002Qatar UniversityArticle
    Handling Big Data in Modern Healthcare  Aziz, Hassan A.2016Oxford University PressArticle
    Handling data uncertainties in event tree analysis  Ferdous, R.; Khan, F.; Sadiq, R.; Amyotte, P.; Veitch, B.2009Elsevier B.V.Article
    A Hands-Free Interface for Controlling Virtual Electric-Powered Wheelchairs  Gulrez, Tauseef; Tognetti, Alessandro; Yoon, Woon Jong; Kavakli, Manolya; Cabibihan, John-John2016SAGE publicationsArticle
    Haralick feature extraction from time-frequency images for epileptic seizure detection and classification of EEG data  Boubchir, Larbi; Al-Maadeed, Somaya; Bouridane, Ahmed2014IEEEConference Paper
    A Hard Test of Individual Heterogeneity in Response Scale Usage: Evidence From Qatar  Gengler, Justin J.; Mitchell, Jocelyn S.2016Oxford University PressArticle Review
    Hardware implementation of a new single input double output L-L converter for high voltage auxiliary loads in fuel-cell vehicles  Bhaskar M.S.; Ben-Brahim L.; Iqbal A.; Padmanaban S.; Meraj M.; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Harmful Effects Of Sea Water Administration On Kidney Structure And Function
    Alternative Title: التغيرات التركيبية والفسيولوجية للكلية المترتبة على عملية انسداد الحالب بربطه
    El Gohary, Z. M. A. [زينب محمود احمد الجوهري]1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Harmonics minimization in 3-level inverter waveform and its FPGA realization  Ahmad S.; Ganie Z.A.; Ashraf I.; Iqbal A.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Harmonizing formal requirements for cross-border sales contracts
    Alternative Title: المواءمة بين المتطلبات الشكلية لعقود المبيعات عبر الحدود
    Winship, Peter2012Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation JournalsArticle
    HARQ Performance over FSO Channels with Atmospheric Fading and Pointing Errors  Touati A.; Hasna M.O.; Touati F.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Hazards influencing coastal plains management along the Eastern stretch of the Gulf of Suez, Using remote sensing and GIS  Ahmed, M.H.; Abdel-Kader, O.H.; Kaiser, M.F.2008IEEEConference Paper