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    Evaluation of Antimicrobial Action of Chitosan and Acetic Acid on Broiler Cecal Bacterial Profiles in Anaerobic Cultures InoculatedWith Salmonella Typhimurium  Sohail, Muhammad U.; Hume, Michael E.2018Oxford University PressArticle
    Evaluation of Apoptotic, Antiproliferative, and Antimigratory Activity of Origanum syriacum against Metastatic Colon Cancer Cells  Aldisi S.S.; Jaganjac M.; Eid A.H.; Goktepe I.2019Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
    Evaluation of Bond Strength Between Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Composites with Modified Epoxy Resins and Concrete  Rabie, Mohamed; Fayyad, Eman M.; Irshidat, Mohammad R.; Al Nuaimi, Nasser; Hassan, Mohammad K.2020Qatar Univesrity PressConference Paper
    Evaluation of children’s educational websites based on the developmental perspective  Ihmeideh, Fathi2019SAGE Publications Inc.Article
    Evaluation of Combined Excavation Waste and Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Aggregates for Use in Road Bases and Sub-bases  Taha, Ramzi; Sirin, Okan; Sadek, Husam2014OMICS InternationalArticle
    Evaluation of community pharmacists' preparedness for the provision of cardiovascular disease risk assessment and management services: A study with simulated patients  Zolezzi M.; Abdallah O.; Kheir N.; Abdelsalam A.G.2019Elsevier Inc.Article
    Evaluation Of Corrosion Resistance Of A Duplex Stainless Steel "Ferralium" In Dead Sea Brine  Mohamed, Z.1992Qatar UniversityArticle
    Evaluation of decentralization and commercialization in the urban water sector of Yemen  Al-Saidi, Mohammad2018SAGE Publications LtdArticle
    Evaluation of Delay’s Causes and Effects on Sport Facilities  Tehemar, Saleh Reyad Saleh2018Professional Masters Project
    Evaluation of Electron Swarm Parameters in SF6 Using Monte Carlo Method
    Alternative Title: التفدير عوامل النقلي SF6 باستعمال محاكاة مونت كارلو
    Settaouti, Abdelrahmane [عبد الرحمن ساتوتو]; Settaouti, Lahouaria [هورية ستاوتي]2005Qatar UniversityArticle
    Evaluation of forward osmosis as a pretreatment process for multi stage flash seawater desalination  Thabit, Mshael S.; Hawari, Alaa H.; Ammar, Mhd. Hafez; Zaidi, Syed; Zaragoza, Guillermo; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Evaluation of Global Genomic DNA Methylation in Human Whole Blood by Capillary Electrophoresis UV Detection  Zinellu, Angelo; Sotgiu, Elisabetta; Assaretti, Stefano; Sotgia, Salvatore; Paliogiannis, Panagiotis; ... more authors 2017Hindawi Publishing CorporationArticle
    Evaluation Of Hydraulic Parameters For Dara Area (Gulf Of Suez), Egypt
    Alternative Title: تقدير المعاملات الهيدرولوكية لمنطقة وادي داره خليج السويس - مصر
    Sewidan, A. S. [احمد صفوت سويدان]; Himida, I. H.1991Qatar UniversityArticle
    Evaluation of in vitro activity of ceftazidime/avibactam and ceftolozane/tazobactam against MDR Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates from Qatar  Sid Ahmed, Mazen; Abdel Hadi, Hamad; Hassan, Abubaker; Abu Jarir, Sulieman; Al-Maslamani3, Muna; ... more authors 2019Oxford University PressArticle
    Evaluation of industrial development in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)  Alshafai, Nedham2016Presentation
    An evaluation of mental health clinical pharmacist independent prescribers within general practice in remote and rural Scotland  Buist, Elizabeth; McLelland, Rebecca; Rushworth, Gordon F; Stewart, Derek; Gibson-Smith, Kathrine; ... more authors 2019Springer VerlagArticle
    Evaluation of methods for screening of extracellular cellulase In filamentous fungi
    Alternative Title: تقييم طرق مسح نشاط أنزيم السيليوليز خارج الخلوي في بعض الفطريات الخيطية
    Khiyami, M. A. [محمد احمد خيمي]; Bahkali, A. H.1996Qatar UniversityArticle
    Evaluation of microbial quality of ready-to-eat foods sold in Doha, Qatar  Zuhara, Shifa; Goktepe, Ipek2017OMICSConference Paper
    Evaluation of native microalgae from Tunisia using the pulse-amplitude-modulation measurement of chlorophyll fluorescence and a performance study in semi-continuous mode for biofuel production  Jebali A.; Acien F.G.; Jimenez-Ruiz N.; Gomez C.; Fernandez-Sevilla J.M.; ... more authors 2019BioMed Central Ltd.Article
    Evaluation of Noise Performance of Multi-Lane Highways in the State of Qatar  Sirin O.; Ohiduzzaman M.; Kassem E.2019Institute of Physics PublishingConference Paper