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    On Existence Of Two Real Periodic Solutions Of Differential Equations Of Riccati Type
    Alternative Title: في وجود حلين حقيقيين دوريين لمعادلات تفاضلية من نوع ريكاتي
    Hassan, H. S. [حسن صادق حسن]1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    On Finite Group Actions On The Solid Klein Bottle
    Alternative Title: عن المجموعة المحدودة للأفعال في قنينة كلين
    Natsheh, M. A. [محمد عرفات النتشة]1989Qatar UniversityArticle
    On fixed points of Berinde's contractive mappings in cone metric spaces  Abbas, Mujahid; Vetro, Pasquale; Khan, Safeer Hussain2010North University of Baia MareArticle
    On generalized Littlewood–Paley functions  Al-Qassem H.; Cheng L.; Pan Y.2018Springer-Verlag Italia s.r.l.Article
    On hybrid-fuzzy classifier design: An empirical modeling scenario for corrosion detection in gas pipelines  Qidwai, Uvais; Maqbool, Mohammed2008IEEEConference Paper
    On improved monitoring of linear profiles under modified successive sampling  Riaz M.; Mahmood T.; Abbas N.; Abbasi S.A.2019John Wiley and Sons LtdArticle
    On Improving Communication Software Development Process  El Soudani, Magdi M. Said1995Qatar UniversityArticle
    On Loss Probabilities for Delayed - Access Circuit - Switched Multiplexers  El Hadidi, M. T.1989Qatar UniversityArticle
    On multistage ranked set sampling for distribution and median estimation  Al-Saleh, Mohammad Fraiwan; Samuh, Monjed Hisham2007Elsevier B.V.Article
    On network flow maximization via multihop backhauling and UAVs: An integer programming approach  Almohamad A.; Hasna M.O.; Khattab T.; Haouari M.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    On Physical Layer Security in Energy-Efficient Wireless Health Monitoring Applications  Eldiwany B.E.; Abdellatif A.A.; Mohamed A.; Al-Ali A.; Guizani M.; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    On Prosthodendrium parvouterus (Trematoda : Lecithodendriidae) A Parasite of The Bat Taohozous nudiventris
    Alternative Title: عن نوع من التريماتودات ثنائية العائل بروسثودندريم بارفوتيرس من الخفاش تفوزس نزديفنترس
    Al Kuwari, Kaltham S.R. [كلثم سالم الكواري]1999Qatar UniversityArticle
    On realistic target coverage by autonomous drones  Saeed A.; Abdelkader A.; Khan M.; Neishaboori A.; Harras K.A.; ... more authors 2019Association for Computing MachineryArticle
    On reality and asymptotics of zeros of q-Hankel transforms  Annaby, M.H.; Mansour, Z.S.; Ashour, O.A.2008Elsevier Inc.Article
    On sexual dimorphism in the shrimp Palaemon pacificus (decapoda: palaemonidae) Collected from the red sea
    Alternative Title: التمايز الجنسي لنوع باليمون باسيفيكس (ذوات العشر أرجل : بالمونيدى) من البحر الأحمر
    Obuid Allah, A. H. [احمد حامد عبيد الله]; Aboul-Dahab, H. M.1994Qatar UniversityArticle
    On sizing the required energy of HVDC based inertia emulation for frequency control  Rakhshani E.; Mehrjerdi H.; Al-Emadi N.A.; Rouzbehi K.2018IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
    On Some Shrinkage Techniques For Estimating The Parameters Of Exponential Distribution  Yousef, M. A. Q. [م . ع. يوسف]; Ali, M. A.; Abu-Salih, M. S.1986Qatar UniversityArticle
    On some statistical approximation by (p, q)-Bleimann, Butzer and Hahn Operators  AnsariK.J.; AhmadI.; MursaleenM.; HussainI.2018MDPIAGArticle
    On Some Tintinnids (Protozoa : Ciliata)From The Strait Of Hormoz And The United Arab Emirates Waters
    Alternative Title: بعض الهوائم البحرية من مضيق هرمز والمياه الساحلية لدولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة
    Sharaf, Gibreel M. [جبريل شرف]1995Qatar UniversityArticle