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    Superhydrophobic Polyester/Cotton Fabrics Modified by Barrier Discharge Plasma and Organosilanes  Novák I.; Valentin M.; Špitalský Z.; Popelka A.; Sestak J.; ... more authors 2018Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
    The Superimprimitive Subgroups Of The Alternating Group Of Degree 8
    Alternative Title: الزمر الجزئية متعددة غير الأولية من الزمرة A8
    Omar, A. A. H [عبد الرؤوف عمر]; Kamal, E. M.1984Qatar UniversityArticle
    Superior architecture and electrochemical performance of MnO2 doped PANI/CNT graphene fastened composite  Kaushal I.; Sharma A.K.; Saharan P.; Sadasivuni K.K.; Duhan S.2019Springer New York LLCArticle
    Superior photocatalytic activity of Cu doped NiWO4 for efficient degradation of benzene in air even under visible radiation  Tri N.L.M.; Duc D.S.; Van Thuan D.; Tahtamouni T.A.; Pham T.-D.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article
    Supervised machine learning techniques for efficient network intrusion detection  Aboueata, Nada; Alrasbi, Sara; Erbad, Aiman; Kassler, Andreas; Bhamare, Deval2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Supervised practice program guided by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics standards improves potential employability of nutrition/dietetics graduates: perspective of employers and preceptors.  Bawadi, Hiba; Al-Jayyousi, Ghadir Fakhri; Du, Xiangyun; Ganji, Vijay; Kerkadi, Abdelhamid; ... more authors 2019BMCArticle
    Supplementation of adiantumcapillus-veneris modulates alveolar apoptosis under hypoxia condition in wistar rats exposed to exercise  Yadegari, Mehdi; Sellami, Maha; Riahy, Simin; Mirdar, Shadmehr; Hamidian, Gholamreza; ... more authors 2019MDPI AGArticle
    Supply Chain Linked Sustainability Assessment of Electric Vehicles: The Case for Qatar  Onat N.C.; Aboushaqrah N.N.M.; Kucukvar M.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
    Supply of Medications and Patient Access to Different Therapies: HMC Experience  Al-Boloshi, Pharmacist Zakiya2018Presentation
    Support for smallholder farmers through Islamic instruments: The case of Bangladesh and lessons for Nigeria  Hossain I.; Muhammad A.D.; Jibril B.T.; Kaitibie S.2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
    Suppressor capacity of iron nanoparticles biosynthesized using Salvia chloroleuca leaf aqueous extract on methadone-induced cell death in PC12: Formulation a new drug from relationship between the nanobiotechnology and neurology sciences  Ahmeda, A.; Ahmeda, Ahmad; Zangeneh, Mohammad Mahdi; Mansooridara, Shirin; Malek, Zahra; ... more authors 2020WileyArticle
    Surface alloying in silver-cobalt through a second wave solution combustion synthesis technique  Ashok A.; Kumar A.; Tarlochan F.2018MDPI AGArticle
    Surface Behavior of Polyamide 6 Modified by Barrier Plasma in Oxygen and Nitrogen  Novak, I.; Popelka, A.; Valentin, M.; Chodak, I.; Spirkova, M.; ... more authors 2014Taylor & FrancisArticle
    Surface characterization and luminescence properties of AlN doped with RE elements (Sm, Ho, Gd, Tm)  Balogun, Ismail Ayodele2015Master Thesis
    Surface Characterization of Mild Steel During Atmospheric Corrosion After Being Treated by Sodium Dihydrogen Orthophosphate  Saricimen H.; Kahraman R.; Malaibari Z.; Abdur Rauf M.2018Pleiades PublishingArticle
    Surface engineering of the PLA films for fabricating dexterous humidity sensors  Ubaid F.; Ahmad Z.; Shakoor R.A.; Mohamed A.M.A.2018Springer New York LLCArticle
    Surface modification and grafting of carbon fibers: A route to better interface  Raphael N.; Namratha K.; Chandrashekar B.N.; Sadasivuni K.K.; Ponnamma D.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier LtdArticle
    Surface modification of polyethylene/graphene composite using corona discharge  Popelka A.; Khanam P.N.; Almaadeed M.A.2018Institute of Physics PublishingArticle
    Surface Modified Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles as Smart UV Sensors  Thomas D.; Prakash J.; Sadasivuni K.K.; Deshmukh K.; Edakkara A.J.2019Springer New York LLCArticle