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    • Blood Gases of some Skink Lizards 

      Eissa, Said M. [سعيد محمود عيسى]; Ihmied, Younis M. ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      (1) Po2 and Pco2 of arterial and venous blood are studied in three skink lizards: the bean skink, Mabui quinquetaeniata, inhabiting the cultivated areas, and the two burrowing desert lizards; the ocellated skink, Chalcides ...
    • Effect of some Vegetable Plant Hosts on the Biological Responses of Brevicoryne Brassicae (L) and Aphis Gossypii (Glover). 

      Eissa, I. S. [ابراهيم سليمان عيسى] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The influences of these different vegetable plant hosts on the biological response of Brevicoryne brassicae (L) and Aphis gossypii (Glover) were studied. The results obtained for B. brassicae (L) indicated that the lowest ...
    • What is Graph Theory? 

      Al Wahabi, Kais A. [قيس الوهابي] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
    • Microfacies of the Upper Cretaceous-Lower Tertiary Rocks of Um Rijam Area, South Jordan 

      Youssef, M. I. [مراد يوسف] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      This paper deals, for the first time, with the microfacies of the Upper Cretaceous - Lower Tertiary rocks of south Jordan. Twenty three microfacies associations are recognized, described, discussed and illustrated. This ...
    • Coralline Algae from the Neoegne and Pleistocene Sequence of Mersa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt. 

      Khalifa, H [حامد خليفة محمد]; Boukhary, M. A. ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      Ten speciecs of family Corallinaceae (Coralline Algae) are herein recorded and described for the first time from the stratigraphic sequence of Mersa Alam, Red Sea, Egypt. Of these, Amphiroa knolli, Jania johnsoni and ...
    • Generalized Airy's- and taylor Integral Functions 

      Gabr, M. K [محمد كامل جبر]; Shalem, Sh. ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      In this paper a generalized form of Airy's function has been estimated and an asymptotic expansion for one of its types is obtained. Furthermore, an improved formula could be induced to acquire the asymptotic expansion of ...
    • Neutron Diffraction and Mossbauer Effect Study of a Cobalt Substituted Zinc Ferrite 

      Fayek, M. K. [محمد خورشيد فائق] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The mixed cubic ferrite Zno.g5 €00.15 Fez 04 is studied by neutron diffraction and Mossbauer effect techniques at the temperature range 4.2 - 293 °K. The obtained spectra by both methods at low temperature show a long range ...
    • Stability Constants of Lanthanide Complexes with some Structurally Related Organic Ligands 

      Abdel Moez, M. S.; Al-Anany, G.A.; Ramadan, A.A.; Zahra, A.M.; عبد المعز, محمد سمير; العناني, جابر; رمضان, عاطف; زهرة, أحمد... more authors ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The stability constants of the complexes formed between trivalent lanthanide ions and related carboxyphenylhydrazo-B-diketones ligands are repoted, at 30 °C and at constant ionic strength (0.1 KN03), in 75 % dioxane-water. ...
    • Studies on Soil Cements: 1 - Role of Hydrated Lime and Dolomitic Monohydrate in Montmorillonite Stabilization 

      Abo El Enein, A.; Abdel-Moez, M.S.; Mikhail, R. Sh.; Hekal, E.E.; أبو العينين, صلاح عبد الغني; عبد المعز, محمد سمير; ميخائيل, رؤوف شاكر; هيكل, عيسى السيد... more authors ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      Montmorillonite clay was stabilized by either hydrated lime or the dolomitic monohydrate (Ca(OH)2. MgO) during suspension hydration at 25 and 60°C for 45 days. The distinct phases produced from the hydration of each ...
    • Insect Pests Attacking Vegetable Crops in the State of Qatar (Abstract) 

      Eissa, I. S. [ابراهيم سليمان عيسى] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The area cultivated with vegetable crops in the State of Qatar reached, during 1979 and 1980, a percentage of about 42.9 % of the total cultivated (or suitable to be cultivated) area. Vegetable crops selected for collecting ...
    • A Note on Norland Summability of Fourier Series 

      Ali, Ziad Rushdi ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      In this paper we consider point-wise summability in the Norlund sense of Fourier series by assuming H(n) . F(n) = o (Pn) as n--+ oo, where (H(x) = d.x g(t) dt, g(t) is continuous, non-increasing, H(x) is slowly varying, ...
    • On Using the One-Exposure Method for Stress Measurements by X-Rays in Technology and Scientific Research 

      Saleh, H.A.; Kraus, I. ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The paper discusses the connection between macroscopic internal stresses and the technological character of technical materials. The basic theoretical relations which are used with X-Ray tensiometry of macroscopic internal ...
    • Demersal Fish Resources Around Qatar 

      Sivasubramaniam, K. [ك. سيفاسبرامانيام]; Ibrahim, Mohamed Amin ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The study was based on the data available from Fishery Resources Survey in the Gulf and Gulf of Oman, conducted by F.A.O., between 1975 and 1979 and the samplings of the fish production in Qatar during 1980/81. The survey ...
    • The Complexation of Lanthanides by Azo-B-Diketones Stability Constants 

      Abdel Moez, M. S.; El-Anani, G. A.; Ramadan, A. A.; El-Shetary, B. A.; عبد المعز, محمد سمير; العناني, جابر; رمضان, عاطف; الشطيري, بشير... more authors ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      The stability constants of the complexes between the trivalent lanthanide series of cations and series of azo-B-diketone ligands are reported. The measurements were conducted at 30°C and zero ionic strength (free KN03), ...
    • Interpretation of Gravity Anomalies Due to Lens-Shaped Structures 

      El Awady, M. M. [محمد محمد العوضي] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      One of the interesting exploration problems in hydrogcology is finding subsurface geological lens-shaped structures. This paper deals with the interpretation of such structures using their gravity anomalies. A master curve ...
    • Morphometry of Desert Wadi Drainage on the West Bank between Danffq and Dallas, Luxor-Qena Region, Egypt. 

      Hassan, F. A. [فكري حسن]; Hamroush, H.; Abdallah, A.M.; Yehia, M. A. ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      Quantitative measurements of lineation and morphometric analyses of 24 wadi drainage basins on the west bank of the Nile between Danfiq and Ballas. Luxor-Oena region, reveal that (1) the drainage lines are mainly perpendicular ...
    • Geomorphology of the Nagada Region Upper Egypt 

      Yehia, M. A. [محمد عادل يحيى] ( Qatar University , 1982 , Article)
      Detailed geomorphological study of the Nagada region, west of-the Nile enables us to better understand the main landfonns in this part of Upper Egypt. Six geomorphic features are recognized including: the Thebaid plateau; ...
    • On Dirichlet Problem With Singular Integral Boundary Condition 

      Mohamed, M. I [محمد ابراهيم محمد] ( Qatar University , 1983 , Article)
      In this paper a Dirichlet problem, with singular integral condition, is studied. It is shown that such problem can be reduced to a regular equation which allows us to construct the solution.
    • Synthesis And Biological Activity Of Some New 4-(Aminoacyl) Aminopyridines And 2-(Aminoacyl) Aminopyrimidine Derivatives 

      El Naggar, A. M. [احمد محمد النجار]; Ahmed, F. S. M.; El-Salam, A. M Abd; Latif, M. S. A.; El-Bary, H. M. Abd ( Qatar University , 1983 , Article)
      The synthesis of 4-(N-Tos and N-Pht-aminoacyI) aminopyridines (III - XIV) and 2-(N-Pht-aminoacyl)-aminopyriniidines (XV-XXIV) has been achieved employing the acid chloride and carbodiimide methods. Hydrazinolysis of ...
    • Studies on digenetic trematodes of some red sea fish 1. General survey 

      Soud, M.F.A. [محمد فتحي عبد الفتاح سعود]; Ramadan, M. M. ( Qatar University , 1983 , Article)
      812 Red Sea fish, belonging to 33 species, were examined for digenetic trematodes. All species of fish were infected with one or more genera of trematodes. Out of 812 fish, 394 (48.5%) were positive. The incidence of ...