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Passion, trait self-control, and wellbeing: Comparing two mediation models predicting wellbeing  Briki, Walid2017Frontiers Media S.A.Article
The effects of graft size and insertion site location during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction on intercondylar notch impingement  Orsi, Alexander D.; Canavan, Paul K.; Vaziri, Askhan; Goebel, Ruben; Kapasi, Onaly A.; ... more authors 2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Session-RPE method for training load monitoring: Validity, ecological usefulness, and influencing factors  Haddad, Monoem; Stylianides, Georgios; Djaoui, Leo; Dellal, Alexandre; Chamari, Karim2017Frontiers Media S.A.Other
Kinematic analysis of postural control in gymnasts vs. athletes practicing different sports  Mkaouer, Bessem; Jemni, Monèm; Hammoudi-Nassib, Sarra; Amara, Samiha; Chaabene, Helmi2017Springer-Verlag Italia s.r.l.Article
Southern Italian teenagers: The older they get, the unfit they become with girls worse than boys: A cohort epidemiological study: The adolescents surveillance system for the obesity prevention project (ASSO)  Jemni, Monèm; Zaman, M. Justin; La Rocca, Daniela; Tabacchi, Garden2017Lippincott Williams and WilkinsArticle
Breaking up prolonged sitting with moderate-intensity walking improves attention and executive function in Qatari females  Chrismas, Bryna C.R.; Taylor, Lee; Cherif, Anissa; Sayegh, Suzan; Bailey, Daniel P.2019Public Library of ScienceArticle
Dynamic stretching alone can impair slower velocity isokinetic performance of young male handball players for at least 24 hours  Haddad, Monoem; Prince, Mohammad Shoaib; Zarrouk, Nidhal; Tabben, Montassar; Behm, David G.; ... more authors 2019Public Library of ScienceArticle
Playing level and position differences in body characteristics and physical fitness performance among male team handball players  Hermassi, Souhail; Laudner, Kevin; Schwesig, Ren�2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
Technical and tactical discriminatory factors between winners and defeated elite karate athletes  Tabben, Montassar; Conte, Daniele; Haddad, Monoem; Chamari, Karim2019Human Kinetics Publishers Inc.Article
Comparison of a combined strength and handball-specific training vs. Isolated strength training in handball players studying physical education  Hermassi, Souhail; Haddad, Monoem; Bouhafs, El Ghali; Laudner, Kevin G.; Schwesig, Ren�2019Georg Thieme VerlagArticle
Differences in player position running velocity at lactate thresholds among male professional German soccer players  Schwesig, Ren�; Schulze, Stephan; Reinhardt, Lars; Laudner, Kevin G.; Delank, Karl Stefan; ... more authors 2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
BlockTag: Design and applications of a tagging system for blockchain analysis  Boshmaf, Yazan; Al Jawaheri, Husam; Al Sabah, Mashael2019Springer New York LLCConference Paper
Gaining or losing team ball possession: The dynamics of momentum perception and strategic choice in football coaches  Briki, Walid; Zoudji, Bachir2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
Active exercisers with a higher orientation toward task-approach goal might experience higher happiness: the mediating role of dispositional self-control  Briki, Walid2019Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
Results from Lebanon's 2018 Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth  Abi Nader, Patrick; Majed, Lina; Sayegh, Suzan; Hadla, Ruba; Borgi, Cécile; ... more authors 2018Human KineticsConference Paper
First Physical Activity Report Card for Children and Youth in Lebanon  Abi Nader, Patrick; Majed, Lina; Sayegh, Susan; Mattar, Lama; Hadla, Ruba; ... more authors 2019Human KineticsArticle
Muscle Strength and Glycaemic Control among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes.  Bawadi, Hiba; Alkhatib, Dana; Abu-Hijleh, Haya; Alalwani, Joud; Majed, Lina; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Sample Entropy, Univariate, and Multivariate Multi-Scale Entropy in Comparison with Classical Postural Sway Parameters in Young Healthy Adults.  Hansen, Clint; Wei, Qin; Shieh, Jiann-Shing; Fourcade, Paul; Isableu, Brice; ... more authors 2017Frontiers MediaArticle
Mechanical efficiency at different exercise intensities among adolescent boys with different body fat levels  Jabbour, Georges; Majed, Lina2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
Physical fitness and physical self-concept of male and female young adults in Qatar  Chrismas, Bryna C. R.; Majed, Lina; Kneffel, Zsuzsanna2019Public Library of ScienceArticle

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