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TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
A path walkability assessment index model for evaluating and facilitating retail walking using decision-tree-making (DTM) method  Keyvanfar A.; Ferwati M.S.; Shafaghat A.; Lamit H.2018MDPI AGArticle
Driving behaviour and sustainable mobility-policies and approaches revisited  Keyvanfar A.; Shafaghat A.; Muhammad N.Z.; Ferwati M.S.2018MDPI AGArticle
Selection of slat separation-to-width ratio of brise-soleil shading considering energy savings, CO2 emissions and visual comfort – a case study in Qatar  Ouahrani D.; Al Touma A.2018Elsevier LtdArticle
Analysis of urban heat in a corridor environment – The case of Doha, Qatar  Ferwati S.; Skelhorn C.; Shandas V.; Voelkel J.; Shawish A.; ... more authors 2018Elsevier B.V.Article
The cultural significance of Italian migrants’ houses built in Brisbane, Australia  Faggion L.; Furlan R.2018Locke Science Publishing Company Inc.Article
A Survey on Audio Content-Based Classification  Dandashi A.; Aljaam J.2018Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Significance of PCM arrangement in cooling vest for enhancing comfort at varied working periods and climates: Modeling and experimentation  Itani M.; Ghaddar N.; Ghali K.; Ouahrani D.; Khater B.2018Elsevier LtdArticle
Framework for Energy-Efficient Building Envelope Design Optimization Tool  Mostavi, Ehsan; Asadi, Somayeh; Boussaa, Djamel2018American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)Article
Thermal comfort in Indian apartments  Indraganti, M.; Indraganti, Madhavi; Rao, Kavita Daryani2018Springer SingaporeBook chapter
Occupant behavior in Indian apartments  Indraganti, M.; Indraganti, Madhavi2018Springer, SingaporeBook chapter
India: Bio-climatism in vernacular architecture  Indraganti, M.; Indraganti, Madhavi2018Springer SingaporeBook chapter
The authenticity of place-making: space and character of the regenerated historic district in Msheireb, Downtown Doha (State of Qatar)  Raffaello, Furlan; Petruccioli, Attilio; Jamaleddin, Mohuiddin2019Emerald Publishing LimitedArticle
Socio-cultural patterns embedded into the built form of Qatari houses: Regenerating architectural identity in Qatar  AL-Mohannadi, Asmaa Saleh; Furlan, Raffaello2019Julie KerrArticle
The urban fabric of Al Zubarah city: Unveiling an urban regeneration vision for modern urbanism in Qatar  Al-Harami, Albandari; Furlan, Raffaello2018Henry Stewart PublicationsArticle
The Urban Regeneration of West-Bay, Business District of Doha (State of Qatar): A Transit Oriented Development Enhancing Livability  Furlan, Raffaello; Petruccioli, Attilio; Major, Mark David; Zaina, Sara; Zaina, Samar; ... more authors 2018ElsevierArticle
Transit-Oriented Development in West Bay, Business District of Doha, State of Qatar: A Strategy for Enhancing Liveability and Sense of Place  Al Saeed, Mahmoud; Furlan, Raffaello2019Emerald Publishing LimitedArticle
A Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Neighbourhoods in Al Wakra, State Of Qatar  Caccam, Angelica Marie C.; Furlan, Raffaello2018Scholars Middle East PublishersArticle
Doha Metro System in the State of Qatar: The Metamorphosis of Al Sadd District  AlSuwaidi, Maryam; Furlan, Raffaello2018Scholars Middle East PublishersArticle
The Practice Of City Planning And Design In The Gulf Region: The Case Of Abu Dhabi, Doha And Manama  AL-Mohannadi, Asmaa Saleh; Furlan, Raffaello2018ArchNetArticle
Public Realm at Qatar University Campus: Perception and sustainability of Open Green Spaces  Mogra, Soujanya; Furlan, Raffaello2017Scholars Middle East PublishersArticle

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