This Engineering Management (EM) program is designed to prepare professionals for the Qatari industrial world at levels higher than those requiring an undergraduate degree, and at the same time it will prepare them for doing advanced research. The program is fundamentally different from MBAs. MBA programs are designed to help prepare people for management roles while focusing on general business and managerial aspects rather than leveraging the technical background. However, in today's world, corporations also demand managers with strong technical backgrounds. The structure of the EM program is unique as it helps the engineers become a more effective technical specialist and strengthens its ability to lead people and projects. As a specialist, the engineer becomes more effective through understanding how his or her engineering skills can best support the goals of the organization and its customers. In addition, the trained engineering manager becomes uniquely qualified for two types of positions: management of technical functions and the management of broader functions in the high-technology enterprise. The world trend in graduate education suggests that MBA and EM programs are not supplementary but complementary to each other. There are many universities in the Gulf Region and around the globe offer both programs separately.

Recent Submissions

TitleAuthorPublication DateDepartmentType
How Qatar’s Food System Has Impacted By Blockade? A Global Trade and Supply Chain Analysis  Al Abdulmalek, Noora Abdulla2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Environmental Life Cycle Assessment on Aluminium Production Industries  Al-Henzab, Fahid2019Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Application of Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Tender Evaluation: A Study Using ANP Model  FALAMARZI, MOHAMMAD HASSAN I M2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Applying Decision Tree Algorithms to Develop Go/No Go Decision Model for Owners  Lutfi, Hamza M Amin2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Eco-Efficiency Assessment Of Electric Vehicles In The European Union Countries: The Case Of Mix-Sources Of Energy  Al-Nuaimi, Munera Hamad Butti2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Construction Projects Delay Mitigation Framework Using Balanced Scorecard and Quality Function Deployment  Al-Naimi, Nasser Homoud2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Recycled Waste Tires Management in Constructions  Hamid, Salma Mohamed2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Comparative Study of Periodic Review Policy and IoT Enabled Policy for the Domestic Waste Management  Neffati, Seifedin2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Expert Weighting Based Dynamic Eco-efficiency Assessment of World Consumption  Al-Marri, Aljohara Mansoor R W2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Lean Implementation in Rawdat Al-Khail Health Center  Al-Hamadi, Abdulaziz Suliman2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Improving the Process of Preventive Maintenance for Critical Telecommunications Stations in Qatar  Alkuwari, Ahmed K.2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Exploring the Social, Economic and Environmental Footprint of Food Consumption: A Supply Chain-linked Sustainability Assessment  Kucukvar M.; Ismaen R.; Onat N.C.; Al-Hajri A.; Al-Yafay H.; ... more authors 2019Conference Paper
Life Cycle Air emissions and Human Health Impacts of LNG Transportation  Abashaar, Muneera Saleh2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Effective Strategy Planning of Qatar Labour Market Data-Driven System Development Approach  Al Fadhli, Muna Salem2020Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Techno-Economic Analysis of Using Solar PV System for Auxiliary Power in a Power Plant  Mohammed, Nasser Mohammed Ameen2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment of Recycled Aggregates for New Construction: The Case for Qatar  Alsubaey, Haya Mohammed2020Engineering ManagementProfessional Masters Project
Critical Assessment of Post-Award Contract Administration Performance in Construction Projects  ELASAWI ,HESHAM AHMED ELSHERBENY2020Engineering ManagementDissertation
Sustainability Indexing and Benchmarking Framework for Oil and Gas Companies in Qatar: Review, Analysis, And Future Perspectives  Fadel, Zina Ahmad2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Sustainability in Higher Education: Comprehensive Tool for Assessing the Sustainability in Higher Educational Institutions  Shalabi, Roa Jehad2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis
Improvement of The Time to Diagnosis for Adult Lymphoma Patients in The State of Qatar: A Retrospective Cohort Study-Based Approach  Adawi, Nada Mamdouh Abdelsalam2019Engineering ManagementMaster Thesis

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