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High fractional excretion of glycation adducts is associated with subsequent early decline in renal function in type 1 diabetes  Perkins, B.A.; Perkins, Bruce A.; Rabbani, Naila; Weston, Andrew; Adaikalakoteswari, Antonysunil; ... more authors 2020Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Psychosocial Aspects of Female Breast Cancer in the Middle East and North Africa.  Salem, Haya; Daher-Nashif, Suhad2020MDPIArticle
Growth factor loaded in situ photocrosslinkable poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate)/gelatin methacryloyl hybrid patch for diabetic wound healing  Augustine, Robin; Hasan, Anwarul; Dalvi, Yogesh B.; Rehman, Syed Raza Ur; Varghese, Ruby; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle
Targeting DNA Repair Pathways in Hematological Malignancies.  Alhmoud, Jehad F; Mustafa, Ayman G; Malki, Mohammed Imad2020MDPIArticle Review
The co-presence of high-risk human papillomaviruses and Epstein-Barr virus is linked with tumor grade and stage in Qatari women with breast cancer.  Gupta, Ishita; Jabeen, Ayesha; Al-Sarraf, Reem; Farghaly, Hanan; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020Taylor and FrancisArticle
The role and mechanism of action of sperm PLC-zeta in mammalian fertilisation  Nomikos, Michail; Kashir, Junaid; Lai, F. Anthony2017Portland Press LtdArticle Review
Water-Pipe Smoking Exposure Deregulates a Set of Genes Associated with Human Head and Neck Cancer Development and Prognosis.  López-Ozuna, Vanessa M; Gupta, Ishita; Kiow, Ryan Liu Chen; Matanes, Emad; Kheraldine, Hadeel; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Co-incidence of Human Papillomaviruses and Epstein-Barr Virus Is Associated With High to Intermediate Tumor Grade in Human Head and Neck Cancer in Syria.  Gupta, Ishita; Ghabreau, Lina; Al-Thawadi, Hamda; Yasmeen, Amber; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Plant Extract Inhibits Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Induces Apoptosis via HER2 Inactivation and JNK Pathway in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Cells  Jabeen, Ayesha; Sharma, Anju; Gupta, Ishita; Kheraldine, Hadeel; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Circulating miRNAs in HER2-Positive and Triple Negative Breast Cancers: Potential Biomarkers and Therapeutic Targets.  Gupta, Ishita; Rizeq, Balsam; Vranic, Semir; Moustafa, Ala-Eddin Al; Al Farsi, Halema2020MDPIArticle
Decreased number of acute appendicitis cases in pediatric population during the COVID-19 pandemic: Any link?  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Vranic, Semir2020ElsevierArticle
Thujone inhibits the function of 7-nicotinic acetylcholine receptors and impairs nicotine-induced memory enhancement in one-trial passive avoidance paradigm  Sultan, Ahmed; Yang, Keun-Hang Susan; Isaev, Dmitro; ElNebrisi, Eslam; Syed, Nurulain; ... more authors 2017Elsevier Ireland LtdArticle
In honour of Professor Ruth Duncan, recipient of the Journal of Drug Targeting's Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017  Akhtar, Saghir2017Taylor and Francis LtdOther
Colonial management of death  Daher-Nashif, Suhad2020SAGE PublicationsArticle
Phenylalanine derivatives with modulating effects on human α1-glycine receptors and anticonvulsant activity in strychnine-induced seizure model in male adult rats  Sadek, Bassem; Oz, Murat; Nurulain, Syed M.; Jayaprakash, Petrilla; Latacz, Gniewomir; ... more authors 2017Elsevier B.V.Article
This House believes that considering the continuous quarantine and precautionary measures should be of a priority over lifting the restrictions to avoid the negative economic and social consequences  Baraka, Jawaher Z A; Toft, Egon; El-Awaisi, Alla; Abdul Rahim, Hanan; Alali, Feras; ... more authors 2020College of Medicine - Qatar UniversityVideo
Covid-19: Challenges & Perspectives
Alternative Title: كوفيد-19: التحديات والتوجهات

Al-Emadi, Talal; Bouras, Abdelaziz; Doi, Suhail; Tang, Patrick; Benslimane, Fatiha; ... more authors 2020College of Medicine - Qatar UniversityVideo
What is open-access publishing and what it means for the forensic enterprise  Houck, M. M.; Horsman, G.; Sauzier, G.; Bidmos, M.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Ang-(1-7)/ MAS1 receptor axis inhibits allergic airway inflammation via blockade of Src-mediated EGFR transactivation in a murine model of asthma  El-Hashim, Ahmed Z.; Khajah, Maitham A.; Babyson, Rhema S.; Renno, Waleed M.; Ezeamuzie, Charles I.; ... more authors 2019Public Library of ScienceArticle
Improved liquid phase separation processes for generating biodegradable microspheres loaded with high concentrations of drugs for tumor embolization  Lu, Shoutao; Jun, Zhang; Li, Maoquan; Hou, Wenbo; Yin, Yuxia; ... more authors 2019Taylor and Francis Inc.Article

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