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Catalytic Degradation of 4-Ethylpyridine in Water by Heterogeneous Photo-Fenton Process  Bensalah, Nasr; Ahmad, Mohammad I.; Ahmed, Bedoui2019MDPIArticle
Dishevelled family proteins in serous ovarian carcinomas: A clinicopathologic and molecular study  Karin-Kujundzic, Valentina; Kardum, Vedran; Marija Sola, Ida; Paic, Frane; Skrtic, Anita; Skenderi, Faruk; Serman, Alan; Nikuseva-Martic, Tamara; Vranic, Semir; Serman, Ljiljana2019WileyArticle
Abdominal Fat Is Directly Associated With Inflammation In PersonsWith Type-2 Diabetes Regardless Of Glycemic Control – A Jordanian Study  bawadi, Hiba; atkhouda, Rami; Tayyem, Reema; Kerkadi1, Abdelhamid; Samira, Bou Raad; Subih, Hadil2019Article
Sex estimation using dimensions around the nutrient foramen of the long bones of the arm and forearm in South Africans  Mokoena, Palesa; Billings, Brendon K.; Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Mazengenya, Pedzisai2017ElsevierArticle
Stature estimation from the femur and tibia in Black South African sub-adults  Brits, Desiré M.; Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Manger, Paul R.2017ElsevierArticle
Assessing the use of the anatomical method for the estimation of sub-adult stature in Black South Africans  Brits, Desiré; Manger, Paul R.; Bidmos, Mubarak A.2018ElsevierArticle
The accuracy of the anatomical method for stature estimation in Black South African females  Brits, Desiré; Manger, Paul R.; Bidmos, Mubarak A.2017ElsevierArticle
Using tibial fragments to reconstruct the total skeletal height of black South Africans  Spies, Amy Joy; Bidmos, Mubarak Ariyo; Brits, Desiré2019ElsevierArticle
Development of discriminant functions to estimate sex in upper limb bones for mixed ancestry South Africans  Mokoena, Palesa; Billings, Brendon K.; Gibbon, Victoria; Bidmos, Mubarak A.; Mazengenya, Pedzisai2019ElsevierArticle
Novel Epigenetic Biomarkers in Pregnancy-Related Disorders and Cancers  Karin-Kujundzic, Valentina; Sola, Ida Marija; Predavec, Nina; Potkonjak, Anamarija; Somen, Ema; Mioc, Pavao; Serman, Alan; Vranic, Semir; Serman, Ljiljana2019MDPIArticle
Synthesis, Bioapplications, and Toxicity Evaluation of Chitosan-Based Nanoparticles.  Rizeq, Balsam R; Younes, Nadin N; Rasool, Kashif; Nasrallah, Gheyath K2019MDPIArticle
Histological evaluation of the male rabbit urethra: Regional and age-related variations and their relevance in tissue engineering and reconstructive surgery applications  Abbas, Tariq; Vranic, Semir; Pennisi, Cristian P.2019Sidra MedicineConference Paper
Critical appraisal of predatory journals in pathology.  AlAhmad, Yaman M; Abdelhafez, Ibrahim; Cyprian, Farhan S; Akhtar, Saghir; Skenderi, Faruk; Vranic, Semir2019BMJArticle
Milk other than breast milk and the development of asthma in children 3 years of age. A birth cohort study (2006–2011)  El-Heneidy, Asmaa; Abdel-Rahman, Manar E.; Mihala, Gabor; Ross, Lynda J.; Comans, Tracy A.2018Article
Towards adaptive multimedia system for assisting children with Arabic learning difficulties  Saleh, Moutaz; Aljaram, Jihad Mohamad2019Conference Paper
The relationship between lifestyle factors and obesity indices among adolescents in Qatar  Kerkadi, Abdelhamid; Sadig, Abdelmonem H.; Bawadi, Hiba; Al Thani, Al Anoud Mohammed; Al Chetachi, Walaa; Akram, Hammad; Al-Hazzaa, Hazzaa M.; Musaiger, Abdulrahman O.2019MDPIArticle
A computational approach for investigating the mutational landscape of RAC-alpha serine/threonine-protein kinase (AKT1) and screening inhibitors against the oncogenic E17K mutation causing breast cancer.  Thirumal Kumar, D; Jain, Nikita; Evangeline, Judith; Kamaraj, Balu; Siva, R; Zayed, Hatem; George Priya Doss, C2019ElsevierArticle
Addressing context to understand physical activity among Muslim university students: the role of gender, family, and culture.  Aljayyousi, Ghadir Fakhri; Abu-Munshar, Maher; Al-Salim, Farid; Osman, El Rayah2019BMCArticle
Acute perforated appendicitis after blunt abdominal trauma: A report from a 7-year-old boy and literature review.  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Pasic-Sefic, Irmina; Vranic, Semir2019WB SaundersArticle
Prescribers' views and experiences of using direct acting oral anticoagulants in the management of nonvalvular atrial fibrillation: A survey in remote and rural Scotland.  Generalova, Daria; Cunningham, Scott; Leslie, Stephen J; Rushworth, Gordon; McIver, Laura; Stewart, Derek2019WileyArticle

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