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Inter-rater reliability, intra-rater reliability and internal consistency of the Brisbane Evidence-Based Language Test.  Rohde, Alexia; McCracken, Molly; Worrall, Linda; Farrell, Anna; O'Halloran, Robyn; ... more authors 2020Taylor & FrancisArticle
Development and diagnostic validation of the Brisbane Evidence-Based Language Test.  Rohde, Alexia; Doi, Suhail A; Worrall, Linda; Godecke, Erin; Farrell, Anna; ... more authors 2020Taylor & FrancisArticle
Organ-specific toxicity evaluation of stearamidopropyl dimethylamine (SAPDMA) surfactant using zebrafish embryos  Al-Jamal, Ola; Al-Jighefee, Hadeel; Younes, Nadin; Abdin, Roba; Al-Asmakh, Maha A.; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
MXene Nanosheets May Induce Toxic Effect on the Early Stage of Embryogenesis.  Alhussain, Hashim; Augustine, Robin; Hussein, Essraa A; Gupta, Ishita; Hasan, Anwarul; ... more authors 2020American Scientific PublishersArticle
Drosophila as a Model Organism in Host–Pathogen Interaction Studies  Younes, Salma; Al-Sulaiti, Asma; Abdulwahab Ahmed Nasser, Elham; Najjar, Hoda; Kamareddine, Layla2020Frontiers MediaArticle Review
شعرية السرد في قصص زكريا تامر (القنفذ) أنموذجًا
Alternative Title: The presence of poetry in narratives , in Zakaria Tamer's stories

أبو زيد, إسلام علي2020كلية الآداب واللغات - جامعة حممد بوضيافArticle
السلطة والتحيزات النسقية في السرد الروائي (النسق المدني والنسق الريفي)
Alternative Title: Power and the theme biases in Narrative (Civil and rural patterns)

خليل, لؤي علي; Khalil, Loui Ali2020كلية الآداب واللغات - جامعة حممد بوضيافArticle
أضواء معرفيَّة على صناعة الإعراب
Alternative Title: Knowledgeable lights in declension making

الفهداوي, فلاح إبراهيم2019مركز البحوث والدراساتArticle
بنية الجملة بين "معاني النحو" و"صناعة الإعراب"
Alternative Title: Structure of the Sentence Between "Meanings of Grammar "and "Declension Making"

الفهداوي, فلاح إبراهيم2020كلية الآداب واللغات - جامعة حممد بوضيافArticle
Characterization of GRE pipes fatigue failure subjected to HTHP loading conditions  Abdo, Jamil; Hassan, Edris; Kwak, Jan2019American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Conference Paper
Multi-focus image fusion using Content Adaptive Blurring  Farid, Muhammad Shahid; Mahmood, Arif; Al-Maadeed, Somaya Ali2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Evidence-based pharmacy practice research in low- and middle-income countries: Issues, challenges and synthesis  Rasheed, Huma; Izham, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Babar, Zaheer-Ud-Din2019ElsevierBook Chapter
Single-step full-state feedback control design for nonlinear hyperbolic PDEs  Xu, Qingqing; Aksikas, Ilyasse; Dubljevic, Stevan2019Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Impact of fines type on gas flow using 3D micro-computed tomography  Al-Raoush, Riyadh; Hannun, Jamal; Jarrar, Zaher; Alshibli, Khalid; Jung, Jongwon2019Society of Petroleum EngineersConference Paper
Blockchain-Based Distributed Energy Trading in Energy Internet: An SDN Approach  Lu, Xin; Shi, Lingyun; Chen, Zhenyu; Fan, Xunfeng; Guan, Zhitao; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Image Local Features Description through Polynomial Approximation  Fawad; Rahman, Muhibur; Khan, Muhammad Jamil; Asghar, Muhammad Adeel; Amin, Yasar; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Comparing eurocode 2 prestress loss estimations to strains measured on a pretensioned bridge beam  Elshafie, M.Z.E.B.; Bosman, T.; Kearsley, E.P.; Skorpen, S.A.; Butler, L.J.2019CRC Press/BalkemaConference Paper
Answer Acquisition for Knowledge Base Question Answering Systems Based on Dynamic Memory Network  Su, Lei; He, Ting; Fan, Zhengyu; Zhang, Yin; Guizani, Mohsen2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Dual-polarized spatial-temporal propagation measurement and modeling in uma o2i scenario at 3.5 GHz  Zhang, Ruonan; Xu, Haochen; Du, Xiaojiang; Zhou, Deyun; Guizani, Mohsen2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Pharmacy practice in the gulf states  Wilbur, Kerry; El Hajj, Maguy Saffouh; Kheir, Nadir2019ElsevierBook Chapter

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