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An investigation into the efficiency of silicon carbide based power inverters  Maswood, A. I.; Benbrahim, Lazhar; Harikrishnaraj, Pinkymol2016Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Integration of Energy and Wastewater Treatment Alternatives with Process Facilities to Manage Industrial Flares during Normal and Abnormal Operations: Multiobjective Extendible Optimization Framework  Kazi, Monzure Khoda; Eljack, Fadwa; Elsayed, Nesreen A.; El-Halwagi, Mahmoud M.2016American Chemical SocietyArticle
Pharmacy Practice in Nigeria  Awaisu, Ahmed; Mohammed, Shafiu; Yakubu, Rabiu2016Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Hybrid transparent conductive electrodes with copper nanowires embedded in a zinc oxide matrix and protected by reduced graphene oxide platelets  Zhu,Zhaozhao; Mankowski,Trent; Balakrishnan,Kaushik; Shikoh,Ali Sehpar; Touati,Farid; ... more authors 2016American Institute of Physics Inc.Article
A general framework for the design and analysis of sparse FIR linear equalizers  Al-Abbasi, Abubakr O.; Hamila, Ridha; Bajwa, Waheed U.; Al-Dhahir, Naofal2016Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Pharmacy Practice in Qatar  Kheir, Nadir2016Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Comparative Analysis and Conclusion  Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Fathelrahman, Ahmed Ibrahim; Wertheimer, Albert I.2016Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Pharmacy Practice in Developing Countries: Achievements and Challenges  Fathelrahman, Ahmed Ibrahim; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Wertheimer, Albert I.2016Elsevier Inc.Book
Personalized telehealth in the future: A global research agenda  Dinesen, Birthe; Nonnecke, Brandie; Lindeman, David; Toft, Egon; Kidholm, Kristian; ... more authors 2016JMIR Publications Inc.Article Review
Comparative analysis of carrier schemes for PWM in multilevel PUC inverter for PV applications  Tariq, Mohd; Iqbal, Mohammad Tauquir; Iqbal, Atif; Meraj, Mohammad; Roomi, Muhammad M.; ... more authors 2016Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Financial development and environmental quality in UAE: Cointegration with structural breaks  Charfeddine, Lanouar; Ben Khediri, Karim2016Elsevier LtdArticle Review
Synergistic effect of vanadium pentoxide and graphene oxide in polyvinyl alcohol for energy storage application  Deshmukh, Kalim; Ahamed, M. Basheer; Deshmukh, Rajendra R.; Khadheer Pasha, S.K.; Sadasivuni, Kishor Kumar; ... more authors 2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Larval hatching and development of the wedge shell (Donax trunculus L.) under increased CO2 in southern Portugal  Pereira, Alexandre Miguel; Range, Pedro; Campoy, Ana; Oliveira, Ana Paula; Joaquim, Sandra; ... more authors 2016Springer VerlagArticle
Heart sound anomaly and quality detection using ensemble of neural networks without segmentation  Zabihi, Morteza; Rad, Ali Bahrami; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Gabbouj, Moncef; Katsaggelos, Aggelos K.2016IEEE Computer SocietyConference Paper
Gait recognition based on modified phase-only correlation  Rida, Imad; Almaadeed, Somaya; Bouridane, Ahmed2016Springer-Verlag London LtdArticle
The relative contributions of ACE genotypes on personality traits in Tunisian athletes  Znazen, Hela; Mejri, Aouatef; Chtara, Mokhtar; Briki, Walid; Hammoudi Nassib, Sarra; ... more authors 2016Edizioni Minerva MedicaArticle Review
X-ray diffraction and X-ray absorption spectroscopic analyses for intercalative nanohybrids with low crystallinity  Park, Dae-Hwan; Yang, Jae-Hun; Vinu, Ajayan; Elzatahry, Ahmed; Choy, Jin-Ho2016ElsevierArticle Review
Analysis of High-Dimensional Phase Space via Poincaré Section for Patient-Specific Seizure Detection  Zabihi, Morteza; Kiranyaz, Serkan; Rad, Ali Bahrami; Katsaggelos, Aggelos K.; Gabbouj, Moncef; ... more authors 2016Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
LPV model development and control of a solution copolymerization reactor  Rahme, Sandy; Abbas, Hossam S.; Meskin, Nader; Tóth, Roland; Mohammadpour, Javad2016Elsevier LtdArticle
Efficacy of a 3-day pre-travel schedule of Tafenoquine for malaria chemoprophylaxis: A network meta-analysis.  Islam, Nazmul; Wright, Sophie; Lau, Colleen L; Doi, Suhail A R; Mills, Deborah J; ... more authors 2021Oxford University PressArticle

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