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Interplay between Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Large Extracellular Vesicles (Microparticles) in Endothelial Cell Dysfunction  Osman, Aisha; Benameur, Tarek; Korashy, Hesham M.; Zeidan, Asad; Agouni, Abdelali2020MDPIArticle
Describing student performance: a comparison among clinical preceptors across cultural contexts  Wilbur, Kerry; Hassaballa, Noh; Mahmood, Omaima S; Black, Emily K2017Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
An Emergency Switch to Distance Learning in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Experience from an Internationally Accredited Undergraduate Pharmacy Program at Qatar University  Hussain, Farhat Naz; Al-Mannai, Reem; Agouni, Abdelali2020SpringerArticle
Investigating the use of a lecture capture system within pharmacy education: Lessons from an undergraduate pharmacy program at Qatar University  Hussain, Farhat Naz; Al-Mannai, Reem; Diab, Mohammad Issam; Agouni, Abdelali2020SpringerArticle
Prevalence and predictors of digoxin utilization among heart failure patients with reduced ejection fraction in Qatar  Rahhal, Alaa Abdullah; Awaisu, Ahmed; Tawengi, Kawthar M.; AbuYousef, Safae; Mekideche, Lylia2017Springer NetherlandsArticle
A Review of Pharmacogenetics of Antimalarials and Associated Clinical Implications  Elewa, Hazem; Wilby, Kyle John2017Springer-Verlag FranceArticle Review
Pharmacist and pharmacy student perceptions of a competency-based national licensing exam for entry to pharmacy practice in Qatar: A qualitative study  Reardon, Jillian; Rainkie, Daniel; Black, Emily; Wilby, Kyle; Mukhalalati, Banan; ... more authors 2016FIPArticle
Examining the disconnect between communities of practice learning theory and educational practices in the pharmd program in qatar  Mukhalalati, Banan Abdulrzaq; Taylor, Andrea2020ElsevierArticle
Transforming the pharmaceutical workforce in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: a call for action.
Alternative Title: تحوُّل القوى العاملة الصيدلانية في إقليم شرق المتوسط: دعوة إلى العمل

Mukhalalati, Banan Abdulrzaq; Bader, Lina; Alhaqan, Asmaa; Bates, Ian; Mukhalalati, Banan Abdulrzaq; ... more authors 2020World Health OrganizationArticle
Interventions to improve spontaneous adverse drug reaction reporting by healthcare professionals and patients: systematic review and meta-analysis.  Paudyal, Vibhu; Al-Hamid, Abdullah; Bowen, Matthew; Hadi, Muhammad Abdul; Hasan, Syed Shahzad; ... more authors 2020Taylor & FrancisArticle
Adult Learning Theories in Context: A Quick Guide for Healthcare Professional Educators.  Mukhalalati, Banan; Taylor, Andrea2018SAGE PublicationsArticle
Views and experiences of community pharmacy team members on antimicrobial stewardship activities in Scotland: a qualitative study.  Tonna, Antonella Pia; Weidmann, Anita Elaine; Sneddon, Jacqueline; Stewart, Derek2020SpringerArticle
Objective structured clinical examination for pharmacy students in Qatar: cultural and contextual barriers to assessment.
Alternative Title: "الفحص السريري الموضوعي المنظَّم" لطلاب الصيدلة في قطر: العوائق الثقافية والسياقية لإجراء التقييم

Wilby, K J; Black, E K; Austin, Z; Mukhalalati, B; Aboulsoud, S; ; ويلبي, كابل; بلاك, إميلي; أوستن, زوبن; مخللاتي, بنان; أبو السعود, سمر; ... more authors 2016World Health OrganizationArticle
Examining the motivations and future career aspirations of Qatari pharmacy students and alumni: A case study  Banan, Mukhalalati; Ashour, Mayar; Al Noami, Asmaa Emad2020ElsevierArticle
Social and administrative aspects of pharmacy in low-and middle-income countries: Present challenges and future solutions  Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Wertheimer, Albert I.; Babar, Zaheer Ud Din2017Elsevier Inc.Book
Introduction: Discovering Issues and Challenges in Low- and Middle-Income Countries  Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Wertheimer, Albert I.2017Elsevier Inc.Book chapter
Taxane formulations: From plant to clinic  Elhissi, A.; Mahmood, R.; Parveen, I.; Vali, A.; Ahmed, W.; ... more authors 2017Springer International PublishingBook chapter
Application of a systematic approach to evaluating psychometric properties of a cumulative exit-from-degree objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)  Sobh, Ahmed Hesham; Austin, Zubin; Izham M. I., Mohamed; Diab, Mohammad I.; Wilby, Kyle John2017Elsevier Inc.Article
Plant Extract Inhibits Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Induces Apoptosis via HER2 Inactivation and JNK Pathway in HER2-Positive Breast Cancer Cells  Jabeen, Ayesha; Sharma, Anju; Gupta, Ishita; Kheraldine, Hadeel; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Knowledge and perception about pharmacovigilance among pharmacy students of universities in Sana'a Yemen  Othman, Gamil Qasem; Ibrahim, Mohamed Izham Mohamed; Alshakka, Mohammed; Ansari, Mukhtar; Al-Qadasi, Farouk; ... more authors 2017Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic ResearchArticle

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