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TitleAuthorPublication DatePublisherType
Media, independent non-executive directors and strategy disclosure by non-financial listed firms in the UAE  Hassan, Mostafa Kamal; Lahyani, Fathia Elleuch2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
The impact of ERP utilisation experience and segmental reporting on corporate performance in the UK context  Elsayed, Nader; Ammar, Sameh; Mardini, Ghassan H.2019Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Violators versus non-violators of information security measures in organizations-A study of distinguishing factors  Khan, Habib Ullah; AlShare, Khalid A.2019Taylor and Francis Inc.Article
Balancing Digital-By-Default with Inclusion: A Study of the Factors Influencing E-Inclusion in the UK  Al-Muwil A.; Weerakkody V.; El-haddadeh R.; Dwivedi Y.2019Springer New York LLCArticle
Can gamification concepts work with E-government?  Abu-Shanab, Emad Ahmed; Al-Sayed, Malak Rasheed2019IGI GlobalArticle
A case analysis of E-government service delivery through a service chain dimension  Weerakkody V.; El-Haddadeh R.; Sivarajah U.; Omar A.; Molnar A.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Urbanization and non-renewable energy demand: A comparison of developed and emerging countries  Mrabet Z.; Alsamara M.; Saleh A.S.; Anwar S.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Are shocks on the returns and volatility of cryptocurrencies really persistent?  Charfeddine L.; Maouchi Y.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
CEO transformational leadership and top management team performance: study from GCC  Suliman A.; Rao A.S.; Elewa T.2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Financing microfinance institutions: subsidies or deposit mobilisation  Al-Azzam M.2019RoutledgeArticle
Time frequency analysis of the commonalities between Bitcoin and major Cryptocurrencies: Portfolio risk management implications  Mensi W.; Rehman M.U.; Al-Yahyaee K.H.; Al-Jarrah I.M.W.; Kang S.H.2019Elsevier Inc.Article
Quality and quantity of FTSE-100 segmental information reporting  Mardini G.H.; Ammar S.2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Examining citizens' perceived value of internet of things technologies in facilitating public sector services engagement  El-Haddadeh R.; Weerakkody V.; Osmani M.; Thakker D.; Kapoor K.K.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Scenario-based forecast for the electricity demand in Qatar and the role of energy efficiency improvements  Khalifa A.; Caporin M.; Di Fonzo T.2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Readability, governance and performance: a test of the obfuscation hypothesis in Qatari listed firms  Hassan M.K.; Abu Abbas B.; Garas S.N.2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Critical success factors for enterprise resource planning system implementation in Qatar  Al Rabeay A.A.; Sherif K.2019IGI GlobalArticle
Exploring factors afecting users' satisfaction toward e-learning systems  Hammouri Q.; Abu-Shanab E.2018IGI GlobalArticle
Possible impact of e-commerce strategies on the utilisation of e-commerce in Nigeria  Khan H.U.; Uwemi S.2018Inderscience Enterprises Ltd.Conference Paper
Knowledge sharing in higher education institutions: a systematic review  Al-Kurdi O.; El-Haddadeh R.; Eldabi T.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article Review
Factors affecting the voluntary use of internal audit: evidence from the UK  Ismael H.R.; Roberts C.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article

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