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Estimating carbon dynamics in an intact lowland mixed dipterocarp forest using a forest carbon model  Lee, Jongyeol; Lee, Sohye; Han, Seung Hyun; Kim, Seongjun; Roh, Yujin; ... more authors 2017MDPI AGArticle
Phytochemical screening and assessment of pharmacological properties of Swertia chirayita (Roxb. ex fleming) root methanolic extract  Khan, Latif Ullah; Khan, Rahmat Ali; Khan, Samiullah; Bano, Syeda Asma; Fasim, Fehmida; ... more authors 2017Asian Network for Scientific InformationArticle
Synergism between nigella sativa seeds extract and synthetic antibiotics against Mec A gene positive human strains of staphylococcus aureus  Uzair, Bushra; Hameed, Abdul; Nazir, Sidrah; Khan, Barkat Ali; Fasim, Fehmida; ... more authors 2017Asian Network for Scientific InformationArticle
Mechanistic and adsorption equilibrium studies of dibenzothiophene-rich-diesel on MnO2-loaded-activated carbon: Surface characterization  Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Al-Degs, Yahya S.; Issa, Ayman A.; Al Bakain, Ramia Z.; Khraisheh, Majeda A.2017John Wiley and Sons Inc.Article
Background invertebrate herbivory on dwarf birch (Betula glandulosa-nana complex) increases with temperature and precipitation across the tundra biome  Barrio, Isabel C.; Lindén, Elin; Te Beest, Mariska; Olofsson, Johan; Rocha, Adrian; ... more authors 2017Springer VerlagArticle
Improving management of future coastal development in Qatar through ecosystem-based management approaches  Burt, John A.; Ben-Hamadou, Radhouane; Abdel-Moati, Mohamed A.R.; Fanning, Lucia; Kaitibie, Simeon; ... more authors 2017Elsevier LtdArticle Review
Adsorptive Removal of Arsenic and Mercury from Aqueous Solutions by Eucalyptus Leaves  Alimohammadi, Mahmood; Saeedi, Zhyar; Akbarpour, Bahman; Rasoulzadeh, Hassan; Yetilmezsoy, Kaan; ... more authors 2017Springer International PublishingArticle
Mychonastes homosphaera (Chlorophyceae): A promising feedstock for high quality feed production in the arid environment  Imen, Saadaoui; Cherif, Maroua; Rasheed, Rihab; Bounnit, Touria; Al Jabri, Hareb; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Nutritional Requirements to Improve Delta-Endotoxins Production of Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki Using Mixed Designs Modelling  Ennouri, Karim; Ben Hassen, Hanen; Zouari, Nabil2017Springer IndiaArticle
Cadmium-induced endothelial dysfunction mediated by asymmetric dimethylarginine.  Al-Naemi, Hamda A; Das, Sandra Concepcion2020SpringerArticle
Asynchrony among local communities stabilises ecosystem function of metacommunities  Wilcox, Kevin R.; Tredennick, Andrew T.; Koerner, Sally E.; Grman, Emily; Hallett, Lauren M.; ... more authors 2017Blackwell Publishing LtdOther
Microplastics in coastal environments of the Arabian Gulf  Abayomi, Oyebamiji Abib; Range, Pedro; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Obbard, Jeffrey Philip; Almeer, Saeed Hashim; ... more authors 2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Variation in plant litter decomposition rates across extreme dry environments in Qatar  Alsafran, Mohammed H.S.A.; Sarneel, Judith; Alatalo, Juha M.2017University of AkronArticle Review
Ecological and agriculture impacts of bakery yeast wastewater use on weed communities and crops in an arid environment  Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed H.; Diab, Mahmoud; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.2017Springer VerlagArticle
Human and avicennia marina mangrove populations: With special reference to Qatar  Pernot, Othilie; Abu-Dieyeh, Mohammed H.; Simon, Laurent; Al-Khyatt, Jassim; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad2017University of AkronArticle
Salvia fruticosa Induces Vasorelaxation in Rat Isolated Thoracic Aorta: Role of the PI3K/Akt/eNOS/NO/cGMP Signaling Pathway  Anwar, M. Akhtar; Samaha, Ali A.; Ballan, Samar; Saleh, Alaaeldin I.; Iratni, Rabah; ... more authors 2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Community and species-specific responses of plant traits to 23 years of experimental warming across subarctic tundra plant communities  Baruah, Gaurav; Molau, Ulf; Bai, Yang; Alatalo, Juha M.2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Impact of temperature and storage time on the migration of antimony from polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers into bottled water in Qatar  Al-Otoum, Fatima; Al-Ghouti, Mohammad A.; Costa, Ozeas S.; Khraisheh, Majeda2017Springer International PublishingArticle
اقتصاد المعرفة ومابعد جائحة كورونا  الجابري, حارب2020قطاع البحث والدراسات العليا - جامعة قطرVideo
الملكية الفكرية والابتكار وتخطي أزمة فايروس كوفيد-19 المستجد  المعاضيد, مريم; الكواري, آمنة; أبو الفرج, محمد سالم; حمودة, عبد المجيد; الجابري, حارب; ... more authors 2020جامعة قطرVideo

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