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Carbon Dioxide Solubility in Phosphonium-, Ammonium-, Sulfonyl-, and Pyrrolidinium-Based Ionic Liquids and their Mixtures at Moderate Pressures up to 10 bar  Altamash, Tausif; Haimour, Tamara Shabib; Tarsad, Mahsa Ali; Anaya, Baraa; Ali, Moustafa Hussein; ... more authors 2017American Chemical SocietyArticle
Hybrid plamonic conductor-gap-silicon microring-on-disks electro-optic modulator  Fouad, N. H.; Zaki, A. O.; Zografopoulos, D. C.; Shahada, L. A.; Beccherelli, R.; ... more authors 2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Rice is a potential dietary source of not only arsenic but also other toxic elements like lead and chromium  Shraim, Amjad M.2017Elsevier B.V.Article
Alpha-glucosidase and carbonic anhydrase inhibition studies of Pd(II)-hydrazide complexes  ul-Ain, Qurrat; Ashiq, Uzma; Jamal, Rifat Ara; Saleem, Muhammad; Mahroof-Tahircd, Mohammad2017Elsevier B.V.Article
A study of low-temperature CO oxidation over mesoporous Cuo-TiO2 nanotube catalysts  Zedan, Abdallah F.; Allam, Nageh K.; AlQaradawi, Siham Y.2017MDPI AGArticle
Silver Nanoparticles-Decorated Titanium Oxynitride Nanotube Arrays for Enhanced Solar Fuel Generation  Soliman, Khaled A.; Zedan, Abdallah F.; Khalifa, Ahmed; El-Sayed, Hany A.; Aljaber, Amina S.; ... more authors 2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Effects of combined calcium hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide on drinking water quality in Qatar and disinfection by-products formation  Mohamed, Elsamoul H.; Nimir, Hassan I.; Cotruvo, Joseph A.; Osman, Mustafa M.2017Desalination PublicationsArticle
Vanadium(V) complexes with hydrazides and their spectroscopic and biological properties  Sultan, Sadaf; Ashiq, Uzma; Jamal, Rifat Ara; Mahroof-Tahir, Mohammad; Shaikh, Zara; ... more authors 2017Springer NetherlandsArticle
An efficient eco advanced oxidation process for phenol mineralization using a 2D/3D nanocomposite photocatalyst and visible light irradiations  Al-Kandari, H.; Abdullah, A. M.; Ahmad, Yahia H.; Al-Kandari, S.; Alqaradawi, Siham Y.; ... more authors 2017Nature Publishing GroupArticle
Synthesis and physicochemical studies of perovskite manganite La0.8Ca0.2Nn1 xCoxO3(0?x?0.3)  Turki, D.; Ghouri, Zafar Khan; Al-Meer, Saeed; Elsaid, Khaled; Ahmad, M.I.; ... more authors 2017Seoul National University 501-321Article
Electro-Optic Plasmonic Modulator with Direct Coupling to Silicon Waveguides  Mohamed, Abd Al Rahman; Shahada, Lamees A.; Swillam, Mohamed A.2017Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Enhancing the performance of electro-peroxone by incorporation of UV irradiation and BDD anodes  Bensalah, Nasr; Bedoui, Ahmed2017Taylor and Francis Ltd.Article
Rational one-step synthesis of porous PtPdRu nanodendrites for ethanol oxidation reaction with a superior tolerance for CO-poisoning  Eid, Kamel; Ahmad, Yahia H.; Yu, Hongjie; Li, Yinghao; Li, Xiaonian; ... more authors 2017Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Potato Peels as an Adsorbent for Heavy Metals from Aqueous Solutions: Eco-Structuring of a Green Adsorbent Operating Plackett-Burman Design  El-Azazy, Marwa; El-Shafie, Ahmed S.; Issa, Ahmed A.; Al-Sulaiti, Maetha; Al-Yafie, Jawaher; ... more authors 2019Hindawi LimitedArticle
Natural clay-supported palladium catalysts for methane oxidation reaction: Effect of alloying  Ahmad, Yahia H.; Mohamed, Assem T.; Mahmoud, Khaled A.; Aljaber, Amina S.; Al-Qaradawi, Siham Y.2019Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Chemistry, alpha-glucosidase and radical scavenging properties of uranyl(VI) hydrazide complexes  Akhter, Parveen; Ashiq, Uzma; Jamal, Rifat A.; Shaikh, Zara; Mahroof-Tahir, Mohammad; ... more authors 2019Bentham Science PublishersArticle
Combining bioadsorption and photoelectrochemical oxidation for the treatment of soil-washing effluents polluted with herbicide 2,4-D  Chair, Khaoula; Bedoui, Ahmed; Bensalah, Nasr; Fernández-Morales, Francisco J.; Sáez, Cristina; ... more authors 2017John Wiley and Sons LtdArticle
CMOS compatible silicon slot ring resonator sensor  Sherif, S. M.; Shahada, L.; Swillam, M.2019SPIEConference Paper
Degradation of hydroxychloroquine by electrochemical advanced oxidation processes  Bensalah, Nasr; Sondos, Midassi; Ahmad, Mohammad I.; Ahmed, Bedoui2020ElsevierArticle
Inhibition of mild steel corrosion in CO2 and H2S-saturated acidic media by a new polyurea-based material  Abdulazeez, Ismail; Al-Hamouz, Othman Charles S.; Khaled, Mazen; Al-Saadi, Abdulaziz A.2019Wiley-VCH VerlagArticle

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