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Utilization of 7-chloro-4-nitrobenzo-2-oxa-1,3-diazole (NBD-Cl) for spectrochemical determination of L-ornithine: A multivariate optimization-assisted approach  Aly, Hend; El-Shafie, Ahmed S.; El-Azazy, Marwa2019Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Application of a definitive screening design for the synthesis of a charge-transfer complex of sparfloxacin with tetracyanoethylene: Spectroscopic, thermodynamic, kinetics, and DFT computational studies  El-Shafie, Ahmed S.; Khashan, Areej W.; Husseina, Yasser H. A.; El-Azazy, Marwa2019Royal Society of ChemistryArticle
Characterization of GRE pipes fatigue failure subjected to HTHP loading conditions  Abdo, Jamil; Hassan, Edris; Kwak, Jan2019American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Conference Paper
Drillstring Failure - Identification, Modeling, and Experimental Characterization  Abdo, Jamil; Hassan, Edris M.; Boulbrachene, Khaled; Kwak, Jan C. T.2019American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)Article
Electrolytic oxidation as a sustainable method to transform urine into nutrients  Bensalah, Nasr; Dbira, Sondos; Bedoui, Ahmed; Ahmad, Mohammad I.2020MDPIArticle
Screening and optimization of samarium-assisted complexation for the determination of norfloxacin, levofloxacin and lomefloxacin in their corresponding dosage forms employing spectrofluorimetry  El-Hamshary, Marwa S.; Fouad, Marwa A.; Hanafi, Rasha S.; Al-Easa, Hala S.; El-Moghazy, Samir M.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
TDDFT Investigation of the hybrid organic inorganic perovskite: CH 3 NH 3 PbC 3  Alwarappan, Ganesh; Padmanabachary, Aashik; Alam, Md Raiyan; Bhandari, Aashka; Patil, Sunil; ... more authors 2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Conference Paper
Oxidative degradation of tannic acid in aqueous solution by UV/S2O8 2- and UV/H2O2/Fe2+ processes: A comparative study  Dbira, Sondos; Bensalah, Nasr; Zagho, Moustafa M.; Ennahaoui, Massouda; Bedoui,Ahmed2019MDPI AGArticle
Secretory laccase from pestalotiopsis species CDBT-F-G1 fungal strain isolated from high altitude: Optimization of its production and characterization  Yadav, Mukesh; Bista, Garima; Maharjan, Rocky; Poudyal, Pranita; Mainali, Milan; ... more authors 2019MDPI AGArticle
UV–Vis, IR spectra, mass spectrometry and thermal studies of charge transfer complexes formed in the reaction of 1, 4, 8, 11-tetraazacyclotetradecane with π-electron acceptors  Mostafa, Adel; Madrahimov, Sherzod; Fadlallah, Joelle; AlQaradawi, Siham Y.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Effect of pH on acidic and basic chelating agents used in the removal of iron sulfide scales: A computational study  Onawole, Abdulmujeeb T.; Hussein, Ibnelwaleed A.; Saad, Mohammed A.; Mahmoud, Mohamed; Ahmed, Musa E.M.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Synthesis, physico-chemical, hirschfield surface and DFT/B3LYP calculation of two new hexahydropyrimidine heterocyclic compounds  Warad, Ismail; Al-Nuri, Mohammed; Ali, Oraib; Abu-Reidah, Ibrahim M.; Barakat, Assem; ... more authors 2019Iranian Institute of Research and Development in Chemical IndustriesArticle
Enhancement of Ethanol Production in Electrochemical Cell by Saccharomyces cerevisiae (CDBT2) and Wickerhamomyces anomalus (CDBT7)  Joshi J.; Dhungana P.; Prajapati B.; Maharjan R.; Poudyal P.; ... more authors 2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
Sub-Femtojoule Hybrid Plasmonic Optical Modulator  Sherif S.M.; Elsayed M.; Shahada L.A.; Swillam M.A.2019Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc.Article
Recycling of Date Pits Into a Green Adsorbent for Removal of Heavy Metals: A Fractional Factorial Design-Based Approach  Al-Saad K.; El-Azazy M.; Issa A.A.; Al-Yafie A.; El-Shafie A.S.; ... more authors 2019Frontiers Media S.A.Article
Discrimination of breast cancer from benign tumours using Raman spectroscopy  Lyng F.M.; Traynor D.; Nguyen T.N.Q.; Meade A.D.; Rakib F.; ... more authors 2019Public Library of ScienceArticle
Design and optimization of a luminescent Samarium complex of isoprenaline: A chemometric approach based on Factorial design and Box-Behnken response surface methodology  Sakr M.; Hanafi R.; Fouad M.; Al-Easa H.; El-Moghazy S.2019Elsevier B.V.Article
Role of organic cation in modern lead-based perovskites  Alwarappan G.; Alam M.R.; Hassan W.M.I.; Shibl M.F.; Alfalah S.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier LtdArticle
Investigation of the effect of PD-L1 blockade on triple negative breast cancer cells using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy  Ali M.H.M.; Toor S.M.; Rakib F.; Mall R.; Ullah E.; ... more authors 2019MDPI AGArticle
Precise fabrication of porous one-dimensional gC3N4 nanotubes doped with Pd and Cu atoms for efficient CO oxidation and CO2 reduction  Eid K.; Sliem M.H.; Jlassi K.; Eldesoky A.S.; Abdo G.G.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier B.V.Article

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