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    Challenges to the application of research ethics: researchers' views from Lebanon and Qatar  MAKHOUL, Jihad; NAKKASH, Rima; AL-ALI, Khalid; MAZLOUM, Farah; QUTTEINA, Yara; ... more authors 2014American University of BeriutConference Paper  &   Presentation
    Practices of obtaining informed consent in Lebanon and Qatar: a disconnect between standards and practice  Nakkash, Rima; Makhoul, Jihad; Al Ali, Khalid; Mazloum, Farah; Qutteina, Yara; ... more authors 2013Presentation
    The Practice of Research Ethics in Lebanon and Qatar: Perspectives of Researchers on Informed Consent  Nakkash, Rima; Qutteina, Yara; Nasrallah, Catherine; Wright, Katharine; El-Alti, Leila; ... more authors 2017SAGE Publications Inc.Article