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AuthorAl-Ansari, Mohammed
AuthorSenouci, Ahmed
Available date2015-11-05T07:03:40Z
Publication Date2011
Publication NameThe Structural Design of Tall and Special Buildings
CitationAl-Ansari, M. and Senouci, A. (2011), Drift optimization of high-rise buildings in earthquake zones. Struct. Design Tall Spec. Build., 20:�208�222
AbstractThis paper presents a Drift Design Structural Model (DDSM) for the design optimization of high-rise buildings in seismic zones. The model is formulated as a Generalized Single Degree of Freedom System subjected to equivalent static seismic loadings. The model objectives are: (a) the minimization of the structure weight; (b) the minimization of the structure top drift; and (c) the uniform distribution of the inter-story drifts over the building height in order to minimize earthquake damage through the increase in plastic ductility. Seven high-rise buildings were analysed in order to validate the model, to illustrate its use and to demonstrate its capabilities in structural design optimization in earthquake zones. The results obtained show that the DDSM performed well and consequently can be of practical value to structural designers.
PublisherJohn Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Subjectearthquake zones
SubjectBuilding sites -- Planning.
SubjectStructural engineering.
TitleDrift optimization of high-rise buildings in earthquake zones
Issue Number2
Volume Number20

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