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AuthorGiammario, Calia
AuthorMonti, Patrizia
AuthorMarceddu, Salvatore
AuthorDettori, Maria A.
AuthorFabbri, Davidé
AuthorJaoua, Samir
AuthorO'Neill, Robert D.
AuthorSerra, Pier A.
AuthorDelogu, Giovanna
AuthorMigheli, Quirico
Available date2015-11-15T09:53:28Z
Publication Date2015-04
Publication NameAnalyst
CitationCalia, G., Monti, P., Marceddu, S., Dettori, M. A., Fabbri, D., Jaoua, S., … Migheli, Q. (2015). "Electropolymerized phenol derivatives as permselective polymers for biosensor applications." Analyst, 140(10), 3607–3615.
AbstractAmperometric biosensors are often coated with a polymeric permselective film to avoid electroactive interference by reducing agents present in the target medium. Phenylenediamine and phenol monomers are commonly used to form these permselective films in the design of microsensors and biosensors. This paper aims to evaluate the permselectivity, stability and lifetime of polymers electrosynthesized using either constant potential amperometry (CPA) or cyclic voltammetry (CV) from naturally occurring phenylpropanoids in monomeric and dimeric forms (eugenol, isoeugenol, dehydrodieugenol and magnolol). Sensors were characterized by scanning electron microscopy and permselectivity analysis. Magnolol formed an electro-deposited polymer with a more defined three-dimensional texture in comparison with the other films. The phenol-derived films showed different permselectivity towards H2O2 over ascorbic acid and dopamine, likely to be related to the thickness and compactness of the polymer. The CV-derived films had a better permselectivity compared to the CPA-corresponding polymers. Based on these results, the permselectivity, stability and lifetime of a biosensor for glucose were studied when a magnolol coating was electro-deposited. The structural principles governing the permselectivity of the magnololderived film are suggested to be mainly related to the conformational flexibility of this monomer. Newly designed biosensors, coated with electropolymerized natural phenol derivatives, may represent promising analytical devices for different application fields.
SponsorNPRP 4-259-2-083 from the Qatar National Research Fund
PublisherThe Royal Society of Chemistry
SubjectConstant potential amperometry
SubjectCyclic voltammetry
TitleElectropolymerized phenol derivatives as permselective polymers for biosensor applications
Issue Number10
Volume Number140

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