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Principal selection for Qatar's government schools: Policy makers', principals' and teachers' perspectives  Romanowski, Michael H; Sadiq, Hissa; Abu-Tineh, Abdullah M; Ndoye, Abdou; Aql, Mofed2019SAGE Publications LtdArticle
Evaluation of children’s educational websites based on the developmental perspective  Ihmeideh, Fathi2019SAGE Publications Inc.Article
Burnout of primary teachers in Qatar government schools during an era of educational reform  Alloh, Maymona M.; Hasan, Mahmood A.; Du, Xiangyun; Romanowski, Michael H.2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle
Getting parents involved in children's play: Qatari parents' perceptions of and engagement with their children's play  Ihmeideh, Fathi2019RoutledgeArticle
Vitamin E modifies high-fat diet-induced reduction of seizure threshold in rats: Role of oxidative stress  Alzoubi, Karem H.; Hasan, Zuhair A.; Khabour, Omar F.; Mayyas, Fadia A.; Al Yacoub, Omar N.; ... more authors 2019Elsevier Inc.Article
Identifying essential competencies for medical students  Du, Xiangyun; Kassab, Salah Eldin; Al-Moslih, Ayad M.; Abu-Hijleh, Marwan Farouk; Hamdy, Hossam; ... more authors 2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
The development of children's preferences for equality and equity across 13 individualistic and collectivist cultures  Huppert E.; Cowell J.M.; Cheng Y.; Contreras-Ibanez C.; Gomez-Sicard N.; ... more authors 2019Blackwell Publishing LtdArticle
Implementing school-wide collaborative lesson research in Qatar  Watanabe T.; Takahashi A.; Barham A.I.2019Southeast Asian Association for Institutional ResearchArticle
The Influence of the Arab Spring on Arabic YA Literature  Anati N.2019Springer NetherlandsArticle
Collaboration with Families of Children with Disabilities in Qatar: A Parent's Perspective  Khalifa, Batoul Muhieddin S; Khalil, Mohamed Fouad; AlKhamra, Hatem Anas2017OMICSArticle
The neuroprotective effect of vitamin E on waterpipe tobacco smoking-induced memory impairment: The antioxidative role  Alzoubi K.H.; Halboup A.M.; Alomari M.A.; Khabour O.F.2019Elsevier Inc.Article
The effect of using flipped classroom strategy on the academic achievement of fourth grade students in Jordan  Elian S.A.; Hamaidi D.A.2018Kassel University Press GmbHArticle
The skills and knowledge needed for principals in Qatar’s independent schools: policy makers’, principals’ and teachers’ perspectives  Romanowski M.H.; Sadiq H.; Abu-Tineh A.M.; Ndoye A.; Aql M.2019RoutledgeArticle
Swimming exercise protective effect on waterpipe tobacco smoking-induced impairment of memory and oxidative stress  Alzoubi K.H.; Halboup A.M.; Alomari M.A.; Khabour O.F.2019Elsevier Inc.Article
Comparative analysis of computer-vision and BLE technology based indoor navigation systems for people with visual impairments  Kunhoth J.; Karkar A.; Al-Maadeed S.; Al-Attiyah A.2019BioMed Central Ltd.Article
Attestation of online programs in Qatar: The need for a policy  Nasser R.; Romanowski M.; Abouchedid K.2019Nova Science Publishers, Inc.Book chapter
Does qatar need a declared language policy? A virtual ethnography perspective  Alkhateeb H.2019Nova Science Publishers, Inc.Book chapter
An integrative model of emotion regulation and associations with positive and negative affectivity across four Arabic speaking countries and the USA  Megreya A.M.; Latzman R.D.; Al-Emadi A.A.; Al-Attiyah A.A.2018Springer New York LLCArticle
A comparison of students with and without disabilities on their perception of services in Qatar?s public higher education system  Khalifa B.; Nasser R.; Alkhateeb H.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
University faculty?s perceptions and practices of student centered learning in Qatar: Alignment or gap?  Sabah S.; Du X.2018Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article

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