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The psychometric properties of an Arabic version of the Personality Inventory for DSM-5 (PID-5) across three Arabic-speaking Middle Eastern countries  Al-Attiyah, Asma A.; Megreya, Ahmed M.; Alrashidi, Mousa; Dominguez-Lara, Sergio Alexis; Al-Sheerawi, Amani2017RoutledgeArticle
Chinese business students’ changes in beliefs and strategy use in a constructively aligned PBL course  Zhao, Ke; Zhang, Jie; Du, Xiangyun2017RoutledgeArticle
Reading social stories in the community: A promising intervention for promoting children's environmental knowledge and behavior in Jordan  Mahasneh, Randa Ali; Romanowski, Michael H.; Dajani, Rana Basem2017RoutledgeArticle
Technology integration in EFL classrooms: A study of Qatari independent schools  Chaaban, Youmen; Ellili-Cherif, Maha2017Springer New York LLCArticle
Teachers' and parents' perceptions of the role of technology and digital media in developing child culture in the early years  Ihmeideh, Fathi; Alkhawaldeha, Mustafa2017Elsevier LtdArticle
Mathematics anxiety and cognition: An integrated neural network model  Moustafa, Ahmed A.; Porter, Angela; Megreya, Ahmed M.2019De GruyterArticle
Students' reflective journaling: an impactful strategy that informs instructional practices in an EFL writing university context in Qatar  Ahmed, Abdelhamid M.2019RoutledgeArticle
Engineering students' approaches to learning and views on collaboration: How do both evolve in a PBL environment and what are their contributing and constraining factors?  Du, Xiangyun; Ebead, Usama; Sabah, Saed; Ma, Jianping; Naji, Khalid Kamal2019Modestum LTDArticle
Influence of the practicum experience on student teachers' beliefs about their role in EFL classrooms  Chaaban, Youmen; Du, Xiangyun; Ellili-Cherif, Maha2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle
Exploring the concepts of fidelity and adaptation in the implementation of project based learning in the elementary classroom: Case studies from Qatar  Du, Xiangyun; Chaaban, Youmen; AL Mabrd, Yasameen2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle
Student teachers' perspectives towards teacher leadership  Sawalhi, Rania; Chaaban, Youmen2019RoutledgeArticle
Definitions of educational leadership 'Arab educators' perspectives  Sellami, Abdel Latif; Sawalhi, Rania; Romanowski, Michael Henry; Amatullah, Tasneem2019RoutledgeArticle
Student teachers development as teacher leaders during the practicum experience  Chaaban, Youmen; Sawalhi, Rania2019Emerald Group Publishing Ltd.Article
Reflective journal writing and classroom performance: Improvement and correlation among pre-service mathematics and science teachers  Barham, Areej Isam; Miqdadi, Ruba2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle Review
Assessment of first-grade students' literacy and numeracy levels and the influence of key factors  Barham, Areej Isam; Ihmeideh, Fathi; Al-Falasi, Maryam; Alabdallah, Anbarah2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle
Math teachers' beliefs, practices, and belief change in implementing problem based learning in Qatari primary governmental school  Al Said, Ruba Samih; Du, Xiangyun; ALKhatib , Hadeel Abdelkarim H M; Romanowski, Michael Henry; Barham, Areej Isam Ibrahim2019Modestum LTDArticle
Principal selection for Qatar's government schools: Policy makers', principals' and teachers' perspectives  Romanowski, Michael H; Sadiq, Hissa; Abu-Tineh, Abdullah M; Ndoye, Abdou; Aql, Mofed2019SAGE Publications LtdArticle
Evaluation of children’s educational websites based on the developmental perspective  Ihmeideh, Fathi2019SAGE Publications Inc.Article
Burnout of primary teachers in Qatar government schools during an era of educational reform  Alloh, Maymona M.; Hasan, Mahmood A.; Du, Xiangyun; Romanowski, Michael H.2019Society for Research and Knowledge ManagementArticle
Getting parents involved in children's play: Qatari parents' perceptions of and engagement with their children's play  Ihmeideh, Fathi2019RoutledgeArticle

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