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AuthorJaoua, Samir
AuthorSellami, Sameh
AuthorZghal, Taheni
AuthorCherif, Maroua
AuthorZalila-Kolsi, Imen
AuthorJaoua, Samir
AuthorJamoussi, Kaïs
Available date2016-01-06T14:28:31Z
Publication Date2013-06
Publication NameJournal of Basic Microbiologyen_US
CitationSellami, S., Zghal, T. , Cherif, M. , Zalila-Kolsi, I. , Jaoua, S. and Jamoussi,K.(2013) “Screening and identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis strain S1/4 with large and efficient insecticidal activities”, Journal of Basic Microbiology ,Vol.53 (6), pp. 539–548
URI 10.1002/jobm.201100653
AbstractThe bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis was recognized for its entomopathogenic activities related to Cry and Cyt proteins forming the δ-endotoxins and some extracellular activities like the vegetative insecticidal proteins (VIP) and Cry1I. These activities may act specifically against diverse organisms and some of them typically characterize each strain. Here, we screened a set of 212 B. thuringiensis strains to search the higher insecticidal activities. These strains had bipyramidal and cubic crystal morphologies and 30% of them showed PCR amplification of vip3 internal region, from which five isolates (S1/4, S17, S122, S123, and S144) showed plasmid profile variability. These five strains contained the cry1I, cry1Aa and/or cry1Ac, cry1Ab and cry2 genes, and S1/4 harbored in addition the cry1C, vip1, and vip2 genes. They produced from 25 to 46 µg δ-endotoxin per 10(7) spores. Their δ-endotoxins displayed distinct lethal concentrations 50% against either Spodoptera littoralis or Ephestia kuehniella larvae with the lowest one for S1/4, which was also active against Tuta absoluta. Fortunately, the analysis of the culture supernatants revealed that S1/4 had the higher toxicity towards these lepidopteron but it did not show any toxicity against the Tribolium castaneum coleopteran larvae; additionally, S1/4 displayed an antibacterial activity. S1/4 is a good candidate for agricultural pest control, as it is more efficient than the reference strain HD1.
SubjectBacillus thuringiensis
SubjectInsecticidal activities
TitleScreening and identification of a Bacillus thuringiensis strain S1/4 with large and efficient insecticidal activities.
Issue Number6
Volume Number53

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