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AuthorRomanowski, Michael H.
AuthorNasser, Ramzi
Available date2016-02-14T10:10:27Z
Publication Date2015-04
Publication NameHigher Educationen_US
CitationRomanowski, Michael H., Nasser, Ramzi, " Identity issues: expatriate professors teaching and researching in Qatar," (2015) Higher Education, 69(4), pp 653-671
ISSN1573-174X (online)
AbstractToday, academics are more transient, working outside their home countries, than at any other time in the history of academics especially in the Arab World were there is great demand for faculty members educated in Western’ culture and academia. However, many of these professors face considerable social, professional and academic challenges in teaching and research. This paper presents the voices of twenty expatriate professors (EPs) as they describe their experiences and conflicts they face teaching in GCC universities and how this impacts their identities as professors. Various identities and strategies that EPs use in their daily work and lives are described and discussed.
PublisherSpringer Netherlands
SubjectExpatriate professors
SubjectQualitative research
SubjectInternational higher Education
TitleIdentity issues: expatriate professors teaching and researching in Qatar
Issue Number4
Volume Number69

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