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Breast Cancer During Pregnancy: A Marked Propensity to Triple-Negative Phenotype.  Allouch, Soumaya; Gupta, Ishita; Malik, Shaza; Al Farsi, Halema F; Vranic, Semir; ... more authors 2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Quality versus Risk-of-Bias assessment in clinical research  Luis, Furuya-Kanamori; Xu, Chang; Hasan, Syed Shahzad; Doi, Suhail A.2021ElsevierArticle
Editorial: Immune-Modulatory Effects of Vitamin D  Zughaier, Susu M.; Lubberts, Erik; Bener, Abdulbari2020Frontiers MediaOther
The role of soluble uric acid in modulating autophagy flux and inflammasome activation during bacterial infection in macrophages  Al-Awad, Duha; Al-Emadi, Nada; Abu-Madi, Marawan; Al-Thani, Asmaa A.; Zughaier, Susu M.2020MDPIArticle
Meningococcal Vaccines: Challenges and Prospects.  Bagwe, Priyal; Bajaj, Lotika; Gala, Rikhav; Zughaier, Susu M; Uddin, Mohammad N; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle
Abnormal brain structure and behavior in MyD88-deficient mice.  Schroeder, Patricia; Rivalan, Marion; Zaqout, Sami; Krüger, Christina; Schüler, Jutta; ... more authors 2021ElsevierArticle
The murine ortholog of Kaufman oculocerebrofacial syndrome protein Ube3b regulates synapse number by ubiquitinating Ppp3cc.  Ambrozkiewicz, Mateusz C; Borisova, Ekaterina; Schwark, Manuela; Ripamonti, Silvia; Schaub, Theres; ... more authors 2020Springer NatureArticle
Congenital microcephaly-linked CDK5RAP2 affects eye development  Zaqout, Sami; Ravindran, Ethiraj; Stoltenburg-Didinger, Gisela; Kaindl, Angela M2020WileyArticle
A new method for synthesizing test accuracy data outperformed the bivariate method  Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Kostoulas, Polychronis; Doi, Suhail A R2020ElsevierArticle
Advances in Cardiovascular Biomarker Discovery.  Ghantous, Crystal M; Kamareddine, Layla; Farhat, Rima; Zouein, Fouad A; Mondello, Stefania; ... more authors 2020MDPIArticle Review
A Successful Treatment of Encapsulating Peritoneal Sclerosis in an Adolescent Boy on Long-term Peritoneal Dialysis: A Case Report.  Zvizdic, Zlatan; Summers, Angela; Moinuddin, Zia; Van Dellen, David; Pasic-Sefic, Irmina; ... more authors 2020First Faculty of Medicine Charles UniversityArticle
Assessment of the Role of Serum 25-Hydroxy Vitamin D Level on Coronary Heart Disease Risk With Stratification Among Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  Bener, Abdülbari; Al-Hamaq, Abdulla O.A.A.; Zughaier, Susu M.; Öztürk, Mustafa; Ömer, Abdülkadir2020SAGE PublicationsArticle
Changes in expression of Kv7.5 and Kv7.2 channels in dorsal root ganglion neurons in the streptozotocin rat model of painful diabetic neuropathy  Laiche, Djouhri; Zeidan, Asad; Abd El-Aleem, Seham A.2020ElsevierArticle
L5 Spinal Nerve Axotomy Induces Distinct Electrophysiological Changes in Axotomized L5- and Adjacent L4-Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons in Rats .  Djouhri, Laiche; Zeidan, Asad; Alzoghaibi, Mohammad; Al Otaibi, Mohammad F; Abd El-Aleem, Seham A2020Mary Ann LiebertArticle
Umbelliferone inhibits spermatogenic defects and testicular injury in lead-intoxicated rats by suppressing oxidative stress and inflammation, and improving Nrf2/HO-1 signaling  Alotaibi, Mohammed F.; Al-Joufi, Fakhria; Seif, Howida S.Abou; Alzoghaibi, Mohammed A.; Djouhri, Laiche; ... more authors 2020Dove Medical PressArticle
Immunofluorescence Staining of Paraffin Sections Step by Step.  Zaqout, Sami; Becker, Lena-Luise; Kaindl, Angela M2020Frontiers MediaArticle
Seroprevalence of West Nile Virus among Healthy Blood Donors from Different National Populations Residing in Qatar  Soha R., Dargham; Al-Sadeq, Duaa W.; Yassine, Hadi M.; Ahmed, Muna; Kunhipurayil, Hasna; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Male infertility-linked point mutation reveals a vital binding role for the C2 domain of sperm PLC?  Nomikos, Michail; Stamatiadis, Panagiotis; Sanders, Jessica R.; Beck, Konrad; Calver, Brian L.; ... more authors 2017Portland Press LtdArticle
Duration of symptoms is the only predictor of testicular salvage following testicular torsion in children: A case-control study  Zlatan, Zvizdic; Aganovic, Amila; Milisic, Emir; Jonuzi, Asmir; Zvizdic, Denisa; ... more authors 2020ElsevierArticle
Molecular Profiling Reveals Limited Targetable Biomarkers in Neuroendocrine Carcinoma of the Cervix.  Cimic, Adela; Vranic, Semir; Arguello, David; Contreras, Elma; Gatalica, Zoran; ... more authors 2020Lippincott, Williams & WilkinsArticle

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