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AuthorAtieh, Anas M.
AuthorKhan, Tahir I.
Available date2016-04-21T14:44:36Z
Publication Date2014-12
Publication NameJournal of Materials Processing Technology
CitationAtieh, A.M., Khan, T.I. "TLP bonding of Ti-6Al-4V and Mg-AZ31 alloys using pure Ni electro-deposited coats" (2014) Journal of Materials Processing Technology, 214 (12), pp. 3158-3168.
AbstractTransient liquid phase (TLP) bonding of Mg-AZ31 and Ti-6Al-4V alloys was performed using pure thin Ni electro-deposited coat interlayer (12 μm). The effect of bonding temperature, time and pressure on microstructural developments and subsequent mechanical properties across joint interface was studied at a temperature range from 500 to 540 °C, bonding time from 1 to 60 min and bonding pressure from 0 to 0.8 MPa. The mechanisms of bond formation varied across the joint region, with solid-state diffusion dominant at the Ti-6Al-4V interface and eutectic diffusion at the Mg-AZ31 interface. Joint microstructure was examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS). X-ray diffraction (XRD) was used to detect the formation of intermetallic phases at the fracture surface. The maximum joint shear strength of 61 MPa was obtained at a temperature of 520 °C, 20 min and at a bonding pressure of 0.2 MPa. This joint strength was three times the bond strength reported for joints made using adhesives and represents 50% of the Mg-AZ31 alloy shear strength.
SponsorThe German Jordanian University (GJU), and NSERC Canada for the financial support for this research.
PublisherElsevier B.V.
SubjectBonding pressure
SubjectBonding temperature
SubjectBonding time
SubjectMg-AZ31 alloy
SubjectScanning electron microscopy (SEM)
SubjectTi-6Al-4V alloy
TitleTLP bonding of Ti-6Al-4V and Mg-AZ31 alloys using pure Ni electro-deposited coats
Issue Number12
Volume Number214

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