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AuthorXu, Zebing
AuthorRoven, Hans Jørgen
AuthorFuru, Trond
AuthorJia, Zhihong
Available date2016-04-21T14:44:36Z
Publication Date2014-06
Publication NameMaterials Science Forum
CitationXu, Z.B., Roven, H.J., Furu, T., Jia, Z.H. "Cryogenic temperature and strain rate dependence of mechanical properties for extruded AA6060 alloys" (2014) Materials Science Forum, 794-796, pp. 495-500.
AbstractTensile properties and fracture behavior of an AA6060 alloy were investigated at room temperature (295K) and cryogenic temperature (77K). It was found that both ultimate tensile strength and elongation increased with decreasing temperature. In particular, the latter increased with increasing strain rate at 77K. The changes in mechanical properties were thought to be due to a higher working hardening rate at low temperature, while the effect of strain rate on strain hardening was obscure at both temperatures. The hardness after tensile testing at 77K increased due to an increased accumulated dislocation density. Fracture occurred in a semi-ductile transgranular manner at 295K, while a mixture of intergranular and transgranular mode with less slip localization occurred at 77K. Moreover, a decreased testing temperature led to a decreased size of dimples. The rotation of grain orientations can lead to increased Schmid factors and change of the latter was strongly dependent on the deformation temperature, which was clarified by compression tests.
PublisherTrans Tech Publications Ltd
SubjectAluminim alloys
SubjectMechanical characterization
SubjectSchmid factor
TitleCryogenic temperature and strain rate dependence of mechanical properties for extruded AA6060 alloys
Volume Number794-796

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