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AuthorGengler, Justin
AuthorTessler, Mark
AuthorAl-Emadi, Darwish
AuthorDiop, Abdoulaye
Available date2016-07-19T14:09:26Z
Publication Date2011-07-25
Abstractqatar has been a notable exception to the wave of popular political mobilization that has struck Arab countries since January 2011. This is particularly so given the prominent role of its state-owned television station Al Jazeera in supporting many — though not all — of the uprisings. Why has Qatar been seemingly immune to the protest wave? Its wealth matters, of course, but other wealthy countries like Libya and Bahrain have experienced turmoil. Some new insights into this question can be found in the Qatar World Values Survey (QWVS), an important survey of Qatari public opinion administered in December 2010 on the eve of the Arab revolts.
SubjectDemocracy -- Qatar.
SubjectCivil society -- Qatar.
SubjectElections -- Qatar.
SubjectAl Jazeera (Television network)
TitleCivil society and democratization in the Arab Gulf

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