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AuthorOrabi, Wallied
AuthorSenouci, Ahmed B.
AuthorEl-Rayes, Khaled
AuthorAl-Derham, Hassan
Available date2016-09-26T11:04:18Z
Publication Date2010-10
Publication NameJournal of Management in Engineering
CitationOrabi, W., Senouci, A., El-Rayes, K., and Al-Derham, H. (2010). "Optimizing Resource Utilization during the Recovery of Civil Infrastructure Systems." J. Manage. Eng., pp. 237-246.
AbstractPostdisaster recovery efforts of damaged civil infrastructure systems need to be optimized in order to alleviate the adverse impacts of natural disasters on local societies and economies. This paper presents an innovative framework that integrates two newly developed models for resource utilization and multiobjective optimization that are designed to optimize these recovery efforts. The developed models provide new and unique capabilities, including (1) allocating limited reconstruction resources to competing recovery projects, (2) estimating the reconstruction duration and cost associated with implementing specific recovery plans, and (3) generating optimal trade-offs between minimizing the reconstruction duration and cost. An application example is analyzed to evaluate the performance of the developed models and demonstrate their capabilities in identifying a wide spectrum of optimal reconstruction plans, where each provides a unique and nondominated trade-off between minimizing the recovery duration and cost. This allows decision makers in emergency management agencies to select and implement reconstruction plans that address various societal and economical needs in the aftermath of natural disasters.
SponsorQatar National Research Fund under Award No. QNRF-NPRP26-6-7-2.
PublisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
SubjectResource allocation
SubjectConstruction management
SubjectNatural disasters
SubjectDisaster recovery
TitleOptimizing resource utilization during the recovery of civil infrastructure systems
Issue Number4
Volume Number26

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