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AuthorOrabi, Wallied
AuthorEl-Rayes, Khaled
AuthorSenouci, Ahmed
AuthorAl-Derham, Hassan
Available date2016-09-26T11:04:18Z
Publication Date2009
Publication NameBuilding a Sustainable Future - Proceedings of the 2009 Construction Research Congress
CitationOrabi, W., El-Rayes, K., Senouci, A., and Al-Derham, H. (2009) Planning Post-Disaster Reconstruction Efforts of Damaged Transportation Networks. Building a Sustainable Future: pp. 1145-1153.
AbstractPlanning, Reconstruction Efforts, Transportation, Network Analysis. Planning the reconstruction efforts of damaged transportation networks in the aftermath of natural disasters is a challenging task due to the limited availability of construction resources. The utilization of these limited resources can have a significant impact on the societal needs of minimizing the reconstruction costs and the performance loss of the damaged transportation network. These resources therefore need to be deployed and utilized in an effective and efficient manner that accomplishes these two critical objectives. This paper presents the development of a planning model for post-disaster reconstruction efforts for damaged transportation networks. The model is developed in four stages: (1) allocating the available reconstruction resources to competing recovery projects; (2) estimating the reconstruction costs; (3) measuring the performance loss during the recovery period; and (4) optimizing the reconstruction efforts to minimize reconstruction costs and performance loss. An application example is analyzed to illustrate the use of the model and demonstrate its capabilities in planning post-disaster reconstructionefforts.
PublisherAmerican Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
SubjectComputer system recovery
SubjectElectric network analysis
SubjectResource allocation
TitlePlanning post-disaster reconstruction efforts of damaged transportation networks
TypeConference Paper

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